So... Who Is Running the NSS Saturday Opener?

Just getting ready to get my pre-race press release out tomorrow and would like to know who is planning on running the season-opener at New Smyrna Saturday… Please no negative comments about tires etc. as I have nothing to do with that… Just want to put out as many names as I can and give you some publicity… You can let me know here or e-mail at
Thanks a bunch!

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dave I called around 4 guys I know. 2 of them were E mod. I know your not running them anymore they said they couldn’t afford to change motors so they going to run osw at the end of march . and if that don’t pan out going to get out of racing sale everything and the other 2 were strictly stock /bombers and they said they are changing there cars to fit the rules to run bomber at Desoto speedway because they get a payout. I might come out if it don’t rain . if you hear from anybody please post who it is that is racing that way I can decide if I want to drive down there thanks.

I’ll be out with a fresh motor that is better than the e mod motor, but still not up to the HP a regular open mod has. Broke in a set of R-750 tires and I like them after about 30 lap break in. Just looking forward to having some fun like last year.

Dave, I don’t quite have my modified ready, but hope to make the open practice on the 26th, then start racing there some after that.