Photo Help - 1976 Governor's Cup Race...

Have this photo from the 1976 Governor’s Cup where the Rogers team had two cars… David was in the new Nova (11R) but I can’t remember who was in the 11D… Does anybody know or how I can get in touch with David Rogers to find out?

I’m on it Dave!

Maybe Wayne Heckle?


Call Buzzy in Orlando ( Funk racing ) 407—832-5237 -

Spoke to David. He thinks it might have been Ernie Bass but he is not sure. Hope this helps.

[SIZE=“4”]According to the qualifying results I have for the 1976 Governor’s Cup Race Ernie Bass qualified 22nd fastest out of 52 Late Models that took time trials. He is listed as driving the #11B Chevelle out of Orlando.

David Rogers shows as 15th fastest in the #11R Nova.[/SIZE]

Hey Jim… I think I asked you in an earlier e-mail, but do you have the time trial results from 1974-78 scanned… Would really be a big help to those of us trying to ID these guys…