Pro Late Model questions

was wondering if anyone could tell me what tracks run the pro late models and how often does the class race a month? Does Citrus, Auburndale, Desoto, Showtime and Bronson run the class at all or regularly and how often? On the flip side of the state, does New Smyrna or anywhere else in Florida run the class? Also wondering what kind of tire the class runs on as well as how many laps the events are and what the purse structure looks like?

Please, not looking for some sort of debate over the class or anything like that. I am simply wanting some information on the class and where/how often they run and what kind of purse structure they have?

Pro late models

they run 1 time a month at Desoto and I think 2 times a month at NSS is their website you can go there and look under schedule and see when pro late"s they are running .