back to racing this week!

It has been 5 long months, but I will be back in action this week in the winged sprint car race at De Soto. Come by and say “hi!” There has been a lot of stress and aggravation in racing for the last year or so, but I am putting it behind me and going back to have a good time.

After the races, stop by for a beer, bring your best mood, and save some room for a trip to Waffle House.

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Best of luck, sir.

Care to share the story of the “Boneman” moniker and the skulls?

Brain surgeon? Chiropractor? Executioner?


Actually, it goes back to 1999, when I used a Cadillac hearse to tow my racecar trailer. The racecars also had the numbers made out of bones, (instead of the current skulls) so it because a silly gimmick that I have exploited for 20 years.

The name “Boneman” was courtesy of our own announcer Dave. On of my first nights at Speedworld, I had a pretty good race, and my friends told me that he started calling me that during the event, and has never stopped. It stuck!

Good luck, Rex! Most of all, have fun!

We’ll be there, good luck.

Good luck my friend…:auto003:

Best of weather an luck,wish I could be there,maybe next time.

We’re busting our tails to make it there for the Sportsman opener. SUDS meeting post-race for sure.:ernaehrung004:

Good Luck Rex… Enjoy, have fun, be safe…OSF


Is this your ride?
It was at Sebring today.


Both tasteful and understated. Nice!

My Bondman story .

I had been racing at Sunshine for many years and was a regular reader / poster of the original Karnac message board. Boneman’s posts always made me laugh, although I had never met him. I broke out of the one track wonder mold when we joined the FMSC series at Sebring. I was sitting in the staging area waiting to go out for practice and looked out the window net at the car pulling up beside me .The numbers , 85, were made out of bones. I said to myself, hmm, that must be Boneman . And while having never met him face to face, I feel like we are old friends that could sit and swap stories for hours if we ever end up in the same place .:aktion033:

Actually, I am even more annoying in person. At least on here you can tune me out easily.

You are right though: race people have a strong link that makes quick friendships possible. We would have a lot to talk and joke about after all these years of racing non-sense.

Yes, I remember that race weekend in Sebring; it was excellent and I can’t believe that no one has put together another one like it (a Don Nerone production, right?).

Great to talk with you again last night, Rex. Hopefully next time out you, me and Johnny can have some better luck and have an appropriate SUDS meeting. Tires going down, fuel delivery problems and getting wrecked all suck. As they say, “That’s Racing”. See you at Desoto in the near future, buddy! :ernaehrung004:

BVS40FL…If and when you meet Rex Boneman (that’s actually his birth name…he just uses Hollinger for racing)…it will be like going to Disney with a pocket of “E” tickets…(not worth a dime…) just kidding…they don’t even have those tickets anymore…Rex is like no one else…great guy…great conversations…lots of fun and laughter…and who of us can’t like a guy that loves Waffle House…see he’s also got class…OSF