Went to Sebring yesterday and....

[SIZE=“4”]Man I get a reality check every time I go back to the past (raced Sebring 13 years straight in many different divisions).:aktion033: The HRS cars were perfectly restored (from Bug Eyed Sprite to F1 Cars, NASCARS, Trans Am to 935 Slant Nose Porsches), but you can get a 904 Porsche kit cars for $250,000.00 (and that no spares). And the Porsche Cups (had a couple of red flags the racing was door to door at $200,000.00). The Mazda Spec class gave the new comers a place to get into Proto Type cars ($150,000.00 just for the cars). A new turn key Viper $497,000.00 (again without a spare), but you to could get into the game. Saw a lot of old friends and got some good laughs.:wink: The Continental Tire cars were also AWSOME (again red flags flew). All in all I wish I could of gone back on Saturday, family plans come first. The ticket we had (two of them) cost $139.00 each for paddock access with parking pass $50.00 value. Sorry I really wanted send a Stock Fan to the race (Matt you could of given a first time view of 100,000+ other Fans enjoying a Motor Sports happening). :blink:Maybe next time. Next week going to St. Pete Grand Prix. Going Saturday and then on to Show Time to help Jason Lester #7 going for the 2015 points!!!:auto003: Old Farts just enjoying racing from all angles.:cool: [/SIZE]

If you see the cows buy them a beer. They are so old now they are on a fixed income.

I still have one of your business cards from Diehl Hi-Pro Racing in my scrap book. I think you gave it to me at an SCCA event we running at Sebring in the early 80’s. Those were fun times!

Thoses were to REAL GOOD OLD DAYS.

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]Yesterday gave me the same felling. DAMN it felt GREAT!!! Hope to see yah at the RACES!!!:aktion033::auto003::auto003::auto003:


Awesome racetrack! Look forward to racing there every September! We have a rental seat available this year! :slight_smile:

Funny story, i was at Sebring on Friday and all day Saturday until we left for Desoto late Saturday afternoon.
I’ve been to Sebring a number of times and always enjoyed the show. Thanks for thinking of me though.

Man wished you would of called!!!

[SIZE=“4”]We could of shot the breeze. Were are you going this weekend??? St. Pete Grand Prix??? Give me a call.:aktion033::aktion033::auto003::auto003: