video at nss

Is there video of the pro race at new smyrna last night

No video right now… The track is trying to find someone to do it and I have a really good guy that would be fantastic but as he puts it “there’s no money to be made…” The cost of showing up and setting up each week is not really worth it unless the track actually pays for it… You can try to sell DVD’s but not enough people will buy them to offset the cost of just getting to the track…

NSS Video

Hi Rusty,
Yes there is a video of the pro race from New Smyrna Saturday night. New Smyrna Speedway has decided to video and produce the races “In House”. We are in the process of fine tuning the product, but if you don’t mind an unrefined copy; email me at Within a few weeks New Smyrna Speedway will be able to offer racers the videos of the races at about half the price racers were paying previously.

Sorry Rusty… didn’t know… I know they we talking about it but never saw anyone with a video camera…