Attention New Smyrna Modifieds

Another thanks to Joe Jacalone and Jacalone Enterprises Auto Sales for once again putting up $100 for a hard charger award for this Saturday night. Thanks again for your support Joe!

The man is made of money!

Is this race on slicks?

The Modifieds have this race and the one on the 18th to use up their F53 tires. All Mods will be on the new tire for the May 2 race.

Come on DD38, Don’t let your tires go to waste. Use them before it’s too late:auto003:

Dave, I am far from being made of money. In fact I work 55-60 hours a week just so I can have a little extra. I figure if I was racing I would spend more than this, so maybe it will help out the car count a little, or at least maybe put a couple extra bucks in racer’s pocket. Plus, I have had a soft spot for New Smyrna Speedway since I saw my first race there in 1980. I can still see Leroy Porter and Joe Middleton slugging it out on the high banks!

Wish there were more like you Joe!

Fud, I do not have any slicks. Still waiting on the one’s you and Jake were buying.

That’s a good thing Joe. Money is tight at NSS, i’m sure the help is appreciated. Individuals and small companies helping out is only going to make racing better.

Thanks Matt, it isn’t much, but maybe it will help some of the smaller teams.


A thought–Maybe give the fans an intermission show with a few laps in the SCCA car, particularly if it has your bidness name on the side.

And/or, have them hand out brochures with a pic of the car and business particulars to the fans as they walk through the gate when they stamp their wrist.

Don’t forget Granny Tatroe. Well, she wasn’t slugging it out, perzactly, but she was there…

That might be something we could do sometime, run a few laps around the high banks in a Ferrari 360 Challenge!

DD 38 always bitching… Excuses. Moaning.more whining.

If I recall you said you couldn’t run your car because it was not safe the fuel and pit stop thing. Remember you bitched and whined for months about hot pit stops and no dry brake.

If I recall I offered a dry brake and dump can to make it safe for your whiny excuse making donkey tail. And then I said if you actually raced I would also buy a tire for that race whatever it was. And guess what you never called or asked me to bring the dry brake equipment i even offered to take it and install it for you,and your car never even ran the race.

Fact is you just love to bitch. THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!! BEEP BEEP

In honor of whiny cotton tail DD 38 I am now going to call Kim @ NSS speedway and donate $100 towards the next modified race.

Jacob Warren

Thats awesome Jacob! Who usually drives your car, DD38?

Well, he fired Ryan Newman for messing with the tires and hired Chad Pierce…

Thanks Joe. Look forward to meeting you someday.

LOL, that’s cool, I had fun racing with Chad a couple times when I had my SLM.

[QUOTE=ocalasp76;157491]Thanks Joe. Look forward to meeting you someday.

I look forward to meeting you too, Jim! I owe you a tire!

Screw it, I’ll pitch in $500 to be split through the field.

April fools!