Thanks Yoho

Just watched your video on facebook, thanks for the KARNAC shout out. I got 2,000 more hits today because of it!!!


A link, please?


I also watched the video, I found it very interesting how Yoho went around to all the drivers and asked if they were ok racing against Schofield, since he is now bared from 2 race tracks in the state, for rough driving and fighting. In my opinion, there are not to many drivers that are going to go on film bashing Schofield, in fear of retaliation. I also had a friend attend the race, who told me during his interview on the front stretch (after qualifying) he blamed Steve Dorer and Joe Boyd for his suspension from Desoto. Seems all the drama he is in, all the time, is always someone else’s fault. Then, knowing he was under a microscope, went out and drove a relatively clean race. One night of clean racing does not make up for all the crashing and fighting in the past. Only a matter of time… Vince P.

This is the link to facebook page.

What goes around comes around,but maybe it will bring some interest in the late model racing here in Florida if the promoters would play it up a little then lift the suspensions on him.

I once heard someone say that Steve Doerer had been suspended from every asphalt track in the state at least once.