Long night at Citrus - Sat 4-4-15 !!!

Some pretty good racing action at Citrus this past Saturday. The night did not start out well as for some reason or other the races which had an advertised start time of 5:30 did not see the first green flag until 6:25. This track is becoming known for this and many longtime fans are becoming very displeased with this policy. 16 non-wing sprints on hand with Shane Butler driving the Troy Thompson #15 going flag to flag for the victory. #92 Retzlaff 2nd, Stan Butler #18 was 3rd. Dude Teate in the #31 was fourth followed by Blake Rose in the #56. The #66 of Terry Taylor went for a wild ride over the 2nd turn wall and into the pit area on lap 3 of the feature. Driver was AOK with no other injuries reported. Lengthy delay followed as track workers cleaned up the area involved. Nice tight race between #18, #56 and the #31 took place with some wild three abreast racing. All in all a pretty good sprint show. Easter candy was given to the children on track which was greatly appreciated. Perhaps the wildest race of the night was the Mini-stock feature. Tempers flared after a lap #5 caution as the #22 Patterson chased the #26 of Florian down the back stretch and then laid his bumper on the #26. Florian reacted by coming back at the #22 going into turn three, turned the 26 car sideways and then continued to push him until turn four where track officials blocked the track stopping the action. Both drivers were dq’d. Don’t really know what caused the uprising but it was a pretty intense moment for the two drivers.

Citrus continued - 4-4-15

Later on in the event around lap #9, Scalise in the #24 and Daniels #11 came together while going for position in turn three as well. Daniels who finished third in the feature apologized to Scalise via the PA system during his interview. Bill Ryan in the #33 won the feature with Kuhn in the #47 finishing third. 9 Mini Stocks started. Pure Stocks had 12 cars and the #3 of Jason Waller took the win over #94 Sport Wilson and #45 James Johnson in third. Street Stocks, who came very close to the curfew, saw Curtis Flanagan with his strong #3 take the win over, #16 J D Goff and #5 Eric Willis in third. Champ Karts on hand with #01 Matthew Hall winning. TQ’ Midgets had a short field of 4 with the #11 Jimmy Wilkins, Jr taking the feature. All in all, even with the delays, the racing was very good this Saturday night and the fields seem to be headed in the right direction with 55 racing machines on hand. Was also lucky enough to get the last order of Cajun boiled peanuts which were quite good…See ya at the races !!!

You Decide

Here is the in car camera from behind the incident. Its pretty obvious.


I enjoy watching you both race. Looks to me like you got loose a little, left front went into the #22 right rear turning him up into you. In the heat of the race, it’s always “the other guy.” Mark is a pretty good kid. You young guys gotta chill. Hope this doesn’t carry over past the one race suspension.

Got loose on a restart in the middle of the front stretch? Are you watching the same video that is posted? Also, I am not a “young guy”, I won the track championship in that class in 2009 and have always raced others clean and respectful if they race me in the same manner. The 22 tried to run me up into the wall, everyone there saw it ( including the officials) and I intentionally turned into him so I wouldn’t hit the wall…if anybody was going into the concrete it was going to be him. When he hit me under yellow, the gloves come off and he got exactly what he deserved. He also dumped the 24 car in his heat race and didn’t own up to it. As far as I am concerned, the matter is closed and I hope that he learned a lesson from all of this. I don’t hold grudges, but I can assure you that if he pulls another stunt like he did this past weekend, they will be building another car and needing a bag of ice.