Desoto results from 4-11

4-11- 2015

Super Late Models

  1. 30 Jesse Dutilly Bradenton
  2. 81 Anthony Campi Sarasota
  3. 17 Nick Neri Palmetto
  4. 128 Dylan Bigley Naples
  5. 94 Steve Doer Lakeland
  6. 28 Billy Bigley Jr. Naples
  7. 13 Scot Walters Naples
  8. 00 Anthony Cataldi Umatilla
  9. 5 Joe Boyd Riverview
    10 59 Dustin Dunn Jupiter
  10. 51 Michael Atwell Naples
  11. 2 Brad Bowman Clearwater
  12. 79 Dakota Stephens Brandon
  13. 42 Troy Mcnabb Naples
  14. 81 Michael Williams Lakeland
  15. 75 Tommy Kelly Myakka City
  16. 12 Steve Weaver Fort Lauderdale
  17. 20 Anthony Sergi Geneva
  18. 12 David Green Fort Pierce
  19. 67 Chad Allman Plant city


  1. 79x Steve Darvalics Venice
  2. 13 Aaron Williamson Lakeland
  3. 29 Bobby Mobley Eagle Lake
  4. 35 Greg Krom Sarasota
  5. 88 Graig Cuzzone Lakeland
  6. 12 David Williamson Lakeland
  7. 07 Scot Garrity Port Richey
  8. 8 Dan Scott Naples
  9. 4 Rick Reed Punta Gorda
  10. 9 Brooke Storer Zephyerhills

Pure Stock

  1. 3 Duane Best Parrish
  2. 29x Donny Funk Orlando
  3. 67 Kyle Best Myakka City
  4. 24 Jeff Pacheco Port Charlotte
  5. 29 Jason Rendell Lakeland
  6. 44 Rick Hess Englewood
  7. 19x Brad Wegert Port Charlotte
  8. 80x Chad Cummings Palmetto
  9. 72 Roger DufrenseBradenton
  10. 19 Jeff Gaulbault DNS
    11 98 Logan Leonard Cape Coral D.Q.


  1. 29 Bobby Mobley Eagle Lake
  2. 24 Jeff Pacelo Port Charlotte
  3. 22x Randy Spicer New Port Richey
  4. 39 Jason Carr Venice
  5. 19x Danny Wegert Port Charlotte
  6. 93 Jeff Firestine Venice
  7. 32 Dean Butrum Venice
  8. 92 Fred Blake Venice
  9. 23 Kenny Gibson Venice
    10.19 Sherry Krom Sarasota

Mini Stock

  1. 99 Johnny Marra Cape Coral
  2. 91 Jessica Oster0viskis St. Pete
  3. 48 Roger Wright Pinellas Park
  4. 28 Eric Daniels Bradenton
  5. 67 Jimmie Best Myakka
  6. 05 Ronnie Robinson Bradenton
    7 5yAaron Yanke Bradenton
    8 37 Jerry Grove Venice
  7. 22 Cameron Cruise Sarasota
  8. 29x Bobby Mobley

Pro Figure 8

  1. 83 Chuckie Hurns
  2. 29f Donny Funk
  3. 93 Jeff Firestine
  4. 23 Kenny Gibson
  5. 7 Bobby Gorden
  6. 29x Bobby Mobley

Any of the super late models had a crate engine? Thanks

nice show

It has been a while since I have seen 20 late models start a feature anywhere in Florida. Hats off to the Desoto staff. The show ran very smooth, the concession food was great, and the beer was cold. The stands were pretty crowded, and most of the support races were pretty good. Sportsman race had some really good side by side racing.

I was almost going to see the modified show at ShowTime, but decided to support Desoto after all the controversy. I talked to most of my old friends that I had not seen in a while, and they were all in favor of Desoto cleaning up the place, as far as the rough driving. We also chatted about NSS and Showtime, how they put the knife in Desoto’s back, We all agreed not to support Showtime and NSS as much due to there actions.

Again, hats off to Denny and the entire staff for putting on a very smooth running show, the only fireworks this weekend were in the sky, as should be.

Vince P.

it is great to know you can run at desoto and run over other cars under caution and not be pentalized whatsoever oh and have your crew fight in the pits

The only people that do that were not here this weekend . yall were banned .:anim_pound:

I’m not banned from no where and dutily ran into Scofield under caution and Boyd hit Fontaine under caution and that’s all on video

A BIG THANKS to Patrick Thomas for salvaging my night. The first 2 races we have had fuel delivery problems and thought we had it solved as the car was sporty in the heat. Wouldn’t you know they came back and the car wouldn’t start while waiting to go out for the feature. Patrick ran over, pulled the air filter off and proceeded to clear the carb by stalling the motor with a rag and beating the hell out of the bowl with a screwdriver handle. He got it to clear and the car was solidly 3rd until a caution later in the race loaded the carb up and took a crap on the restart. Still we finished when I could have easily dns’d. Thanks Patrick. You are a true friend and a racer’s racer!:ernaehrung004:

That is a true racer, hats off to you Patrick!

Hey Scotty, we had your back if Patrick wasn’t there to help you. We saw you were having car problems when you came by our pit so I came around to the grid to see if you needed a helping hand. I’m glad you got it going for the feature but it’s too bad it didn’t hold up the whole race.

If you need another carb for that crate motor let me know. Don’t forget the little saying I told you that Bo Laws taught me. It’s worth a few extra horsepower. Good luck with that thing.

Have a good one!!!

I owe you a debt of gratitude too Mr. South. I appreciate you leaving the prep of your Super Late Model to also lend a hand. You were right there in the thick of things and helped get that sucker going! It was great to meet you too, hopefully next time we meet things will be smoother! Yes, I remember the Bo Laws quote you told me! Wise words indeed. Well the carb went to Bo’s and I’m sure it will be a-ok when it returns. If I need that carb I’ll let you know. Thanks for the offer! Definitely something amiss with mine with the fuel shooting out of the vent tube 3 feet in the air! I appreciate everyone coming together to get me out there. That’s what racing is all about! When the shoe is on the other foot, I’m always willing to help. If anyone ever needs any help when they’re at an event I’m racing at, please don’t hesitate to come by the 07 trailer and ask for my help. It’s my pleasure.