Gary Terry

Gary was killed Sunday at Disney Speedway in a crash while he was right seat instructing for the Richard Petty Exotic Driving Experience. Gary was my friend and boss as head driving instructor for the Petty Driving Experience at Daytona and Disney. He was an accomplished asphalt late model racer, and just a really great guy. Please say prayers for him and his family.

Didn’t know him which is my loss…
Thoughts and prayers for his friends and family…

It was very nice for NSS to mention Gary in the prerace, and have the flags at half mast.

Godspeed to Mr. Terry.

I did not know him, but he was making a living at what he loved, and helping others learn to drive along the way.

A drive to work can have the same results, probably easier that a problem on a Saturday night.

At any rate, life is short, God is good, here’s to the Sport we have been Blessed to be a part of! :ernaehrung004: