Pro Truck drivers

Pro Truck Drivers
April 18th Desoto Speedway 50 laps
we will honor the Joey Coulter rules
so get your trucks ready and come out to Desoto this Saturday night
call the speedway if you need a slab 941-748-3171
Pro Trucks 50 laps Qualifying
No entry fee

  1. 1,000.00
  2. 650.00
  3. 500.00
  4. 350.00
  5. 300.00
  6. 275.00
  7. 250.00
  8. 200.00
  9. 175.00
  10. 150.00
  11. 125.00
  12. 100.00 through the field


Will You Be Checking Motors

Good luck and get ready for a BIG a…

[SIZE=“4”]Good luck on this weekends races. You racer always put on a GREAT SHOW. Look for a BIG ANNONUNCEMENT coming. Call me at 813-817-RACE (7723) or see Danny Anderson about what’s up. Have a safe Race!!![/SIZE]
:huepfen024:[SIZE=“4”]can’t wait [/SIZE]:huepfen024: [SIZE=“4”]can’t wait [/SIZE]:huepfen024: [SIZE=“4”]can’t wait[/SIZE] :huepfen024::slight_smile:

A big announcement from Bobby Diehl? Lightning strikes again!