Bobby Diehl

Email me I have a question for you.

Call Me!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Rick call me at 813-817-7223. Emails are hard to talk about the questions, and YES I ready!!! If I don’t answer please leave a message when I can call you BACK!!![/SIZE]:ohmy::natur008::musik010::ernaehrung004:

Man it’s nice the see… on KARNAC…

[SIZE=“4”]Yesterday when Rick put out the post it had 90 reads before I got to it. Then after waking up and looking to see if Rick put a follow up there was 184. So 94 reads from last night till this morning. Nice to know beating the drum doesn’t fall on deaf ears (well there are people coming to this board) which make selling their ad’s have validity. Thanks to all and of the Educating American (Shop that is). Please help spread the word on this board it is the BEST thing going to get the word out!!! KARNAC always need your support!!![/SIZE]