Rogers, Clouser, May

So, I saw the black car Rogers ran last weekend - it looked sweet - any word if he is planning on running it all year or why the change?

What is the final story on the Sears racing seat - Is Brad May running the SLM and Clouser the PLM? What is the story behind all that?

Brad May is racing for Bobby Sears this year… Clouser is running the #80 PLM and going for the championship… Rogers had just purchased the car he ran last week and it was already black… Rather than spend $3,000 on a new body, he convinced his sponsor to leave it black for the time being…

I saw the car but was unaware that it was the first week.

I was impressed.

To me, it looked crisp and sharp and the sponsor’s logo “popped”.

David’s car looked sharp, but it just doesn’t look right seeing him in a black car! :ernaehrung004:

I dunno, you know what they say…

“Once you go…”, well, nevermind.

I hear ya about it not seeming right, but it did look cool. So did he get a different chassis? Or is he still using the Eberstein? Hoping he can pull things together this year - really want him to take down a win at Pensacola.

I understand David Rogers got another GARC car. That’s prob the reason for the color change it was a used car from another competitor.