How you can help kids sponsoring my final ride, in my final Charity 200 Race Weekend

I will be driving this car in the final event of the final Charity 200 Race Weekend I will be in charge of ! Thank you to Robert Fellows and Donna Fellows for the opportunity to have fun. We are selling sponsor deals to help the kids. $20 gets you a lap sponsorship and your name on a sponsor decal on the car ! If we sell all 30 Laps it raises $300 for families and $300 to be added to the scrambler purse. We can sell doubled up laps, but all proceeds after the first 30 are sold all to the families ! Will you help me with this fun deal ! Call me at 407-497-0448 or e-mail me at Thanks !

Car for Charity Race.jpg

Renegade Racing Fuels will buy a lap Rick. Thanks for all you’ve done for this cause over the years.

Thanks Scott

Thanks, very much ! please e-mail me your info so I can get with you all !