Phil Jacques

I see you guys at Sids view interviewed Shawn Monahan a couple of weeks ago… Does this mean you guys are returning to The speedbowl to film this year?

We will be doing some things, yes. Not to the extent that we were however. Myself, Jesse and Brent are all racing at Thompson and the NE Street Stock Tour this year and moonlighting at Waterford as well and it’s going to be taking some of our Saturday’s away from us. I think we will pretty much be doing full shows for the big events such as the open mod shows and the sk100 and sk150 as well as the VMRS race and the rest of the regular weekly events will be kind of how our oldschool format was with more walking through the pits talking to drivers and highlights.

I will start a SidsView thread when the time comes

Cool good to hear. Always love watching you guys. Think it’s a great concept!

We enjoy doing it. It’s a ton of fun and very rewarding. The Speedbowl produces the best racing in the country I believe. I have yet to visit a track that compares to the multi groove side by side action you find at our little shorline oval.

Yea Waterford is right up there. I’d say Waterford, Slinger , Lacrosse, and Langley are on my bucket list tracks to go to.

I think Riverside Park Speedway was just a little better than the 'Bowl for two groove action. Too bad Six Flags killed it after 50+ years of great racing after Joe Lewandoski ran it into the ground. Two groove racing in every class from Strictlys to the Weekly Tour Mods. Great racing that sadly, is gone forever.

You should check out VSP next time you are in the area…109 cars Saturday,3-4 wide is the norm


[QUOTE=kendo;158603]You should check out VSP next time you are in the area…109 cars Saturday,3-4 wide is the norm


I plan to check VSP out in July, every description I have heard and every video I have seen, it is a dirt version of the Speedbowl. Some tracks just really have that unique touch. 109 cars is a great count. The Bowl was averaging roughly 20sk, 15skl, 28ss, 20lm 20 mini stock and 15 legends last year plus touring divisions. Probably one of the healthiest tracks in the northeast despite the negative points of ownership and poor facility conditions. I am curious to see what the start of the Speedbowl season brings next week.

I had confirmation from Sid today that we are going to a more oldschool format for sure. Mostly highlights, random action, pit action, interviews and walkarounds. He also mentioned we will be doing a couple more parody songs like we use to.

I will not deny that, and if Riverside was still around it would be at the top. But it sadly isn’t.

I went to Langley 3 years ago… I am now determined to somehow some day race there. That is a FANTASTIC track!

Don’t forget Bowman Gray. Like stepping back in time when racing was real rough and incredibly popular. The fans there are absolutely NUTS about short track racing.

I try my very hardest to forget everything about Bowman Gray. The place is a shitshow top to bottom. An absolute circus. What happens there most of the time is not racing. A lot of them make Jeff Schofield look like a saint!

Oh, I agree. But every short track race fan should witness it once. The crowds are unreal and the atmosphere is surreal. It’s not high class racing but it sure is entertaining. A guilty pleasure, if you will…