tech at three plams

was tech at three plam for the trucks done right,add weight,no,who won,who tech,does that add up…

Yes tech was done correct. Tommy did a good job letting everyone know what to run. Maybe needs to keep comments to himself sometimes but he did good tech. Thx. Stuart VanDevender #36

Yes tech was done good,the flagging calls we’re questionable at best…Matt Martell #99

Hmmm. Saw on Three Palms Facebook yesterday that there were accusations made that Steven King (SPATS Techman Tommy King’s nephew) came up 11 pounds light in post race tech and that Tommy was accusing someone of having illegal seals on their crate but let that go too. It all seems to have disappeared from Facebook today though…

I have to say that I was surprised and impressed that SPATS was able to draw 15 Trucks to 3PS with Diehl’s Series at Citrus on the same night. I wish those two series would combine. They could draw 30 Trucks if they were unified!

both series

Both series seem to be heading down a path of destruction, before they even get there feet on the ground.

  1. Lack of a solid rule book.

  2. Way to many engine choices.

  3. No tools to tech engines properly.(cam doctor, whistle, P and G etc…)

  4. No back bone to throw cheaters out!! I would venture to say, from what I hear (engine noise) and see at the race tracks, 75% of the trucks, could not pass a Ricky Brooks style tech barn, and that my friends is the demise of the series and the trucks, and has been going on far to long to fix the problem. Vince P.

My mistake on weight. tommy was correct and I was wrong. I mis read 50 pound for tranny. He was completely correct in his handling of tech. No problems there. I think he is a good tech guy. He made accusations that my motor had the wrong bolts in the top end which they have the Gm stamp bolts the way it came from speedway motors. Out of the crate. He says they have a bar code and not the gm stamp. Maybe there are two bolts I don’t know but I know mine came that way from the crate it was taken out of. I ran the extra weight like they asked because the motor had dented the oil pan and I replaced it with another stock stock oil pan. That’s it. Again I ran weight for open motor and ran correct left side weight as I was asked to. Tommy and Bobby were both great at that point. I may be anything but I’m not a liar and for him to say I’ve cheated or someone cheated my motor up when I know darn well it is the way it was sent to me. No drama. Just a misunderstanding on both parties. I hope they succeed and I hope the fast truck series succeeds. A little competition never hurt anyone

So everyone knows. This is Stuart VanDevender# 36 protruck. 602 crate motor

Way to step up and clear that up Stuart. I have to say, I was surprised that SPATS was able to draw such a good field. Like many, I thought SPATS had all but disappeared. I also noticed a lot of names racing Trucks Sat at 3PS that I hadn’t seen in that class before. There was no word on here at all about SPATS. How did this all come about? I have to say SPATS clearly has the upper hand with Trucks drawing that many, on a conflicting night at a track many have written off. Also I have to give props to 3PS for taking out the trash on that Facebook/YouTube situation quite swiftly today. Man, they just need to get some grandstands up to be taken seriously though. Even renting some temporaries, like Yoho did, would show some promise. I also can’t understand why Diehl’s people can’t work with Tommy King’s people. Hell, I thought they were friends (friendly?). If they just put their ego’s aside they could have ONE great series with 30+ Trucks that any track would gladly welcome.

yes tech was done right, we had 16 trucks which one ran the rookie truck race and not the 50 lapper with us, we also get a 1lb weight break for every lap, King was legal on weight, IMO opinion the seals were not really the issue, the pan had been changed and whether the seals were right or wrong if you don’t have proof from the series certified engine rebuilder you are classed as an open motor and add the weight, which the 36 truck did and still set fast time, they would have been the truck to beat if they didn’t have mechanical/handling problems, they also checked if your shock caps were aluminum or steel, if aluminum there is a 25lb penalty, I heard they checked driveshafts (steel) weight, carb, probe inside the clyinder, etc. I heard no complaints from anyone, Pro Truck #8