Non Wing Sprints Return to Citrus 5/2/15

Drivers and fans dont be a sleep:smilie_bett: and miss the great action thats going to be happping at Citrus county Speedway this weekend 5/2/15

Non Wing Sprints


(Non points 40 lap 600.00 to win)
Pure Stock / Bomber race.

TQ Midgets

Champ Karts

Pro Challenge

For more information go to

Come on out this weekend and enjoy a cold:ernaehrung004: and enjoy a great night of racing.

Sprints payout 30 laps
No entry fee

1 1000
2 700
3. 600
4. 525
5. 475
6. 425
7. 375
8. 370
9. 360
10. 355
11. 350
12. 340
13. 330
14 325
15 300
16. 300
17 300
18. 300
19. 300
20 250 thru feild

Bomber rules

Since your combining Bomber and purestock race. Are we allowed to run 4412 carb. The other tracks run them or quadrajet on bombers.

Bonemon & anyone else…

>Are these primarily former TBARA cars with the wings removed?

>Any idea about car count for the sprints and for that matter, modifieds?


Any provisions (short of paying pit entry price) for spectators to sit in the non-broil section of grandstands on the backstretch yet?

Thx, all.

Yes they are some of the tbara racers and some that just enjoy non wing racing last race there was 16 cars should be about the same this weekend if not a couple more

Senior Grandstand Price $9

Pit Gate Cost $30

Any provisions as to getting the spectators on the no-sun-in-the-eyes side of the Speedway yet?

Seems like 3 different colored wrist bands ought to do it. One for conventional stands, one for the pits, and a third for “both grandstands, but no pits”. It would even be worth a few bucks more, but for certainly not $21 per head.

I would like to see the classes that will be running this weekend, but the heat and the brightness are too much for a guest I will be bringing (and paying for).

We will be waiting…for…the…reply…