Mod Mini Stock

ohmy::ohmy:Mod Mini Stock for Sale -Muliti Feature Winner at
New Smyrna Speedway.
Have Extra Body Parts (was going to put new body on but
haven’t had time)Car Runs and Handles Great.
Have some Spare Parts and a Spare Motor - one of
The cars used to win the Track Championship at
New Smyrna 2014.
New Low Price $4,500 until new Body goes on.
Call Wayne at 407-466-0476 or email at

Will sell this car and my other car with a Dual Axel Open Trailer with a
Generator and Tire Rack. Setup Tools, Scales, Caster Camber Gauges,
Toe Gauges, Tire Heat Guns, Durometer, Tire Thread Depth Gauge, Hot Lap
Timer, Angle Locator, Digital Torpedo Level, 2- Motors and a lot more parts
To much to List for $10,000:ohmy::ohmy:

Car is Sold