FASTRUCK Series gets another Sponsor!!!!

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]This came from Danny Anderson’s Face Book page( I reworded it a little).

Immediate Release:

Danny Anderson’s Sponsor Q Auto & Injury Attorneys has put up MONEY for the LAST 5 finishers in the Race. If they run his (round Decal) $50.00 each (added to your nights work) and $100.00 (added) if you run the long decal (Both). Thanks for your support.

What a great bump to the back of the fields take home winning… Thanks “Q”. So see Danny to get signed up and lets go RACING!!!Hope to see everyone TONIGHT at Show Time!!![/SIZE][/I][/B]

Racers love the idea of supporting the back of the field.

[SIZE=“4”]Hats off the Mr. McCue (Top Dog at Q Auto & Injury Attorneys) his idea to give to the racers that may of had a bad day. All the Drivers agreed it is very cool and all of them signed up and got on the decals. This program will go thought out the NEXT GENERATION new season. Get ready for the NEXT GENERATION’s next Challenge. Major announcement!!! Yes, EVERYONE going to LOVE this one!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! [/SIZE]