FASTRUCK's NEXT GENERATION first Young Gun Challenge WINNER!!!!!

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]The race was at Show Time Speedway. The table was set for a wonderful race with #37 Michael Goddard setting his second time in a row to set FAST TIME. With the inversion. The race was door to door with Billy Billy leading the pack till Becca got into him with a three wide scramble into the turn. Really a hard racing instant but at Show Time if you are involved in a yellow everyone to the rear. There was so much action I couldn’t possibly tell it all. Some of the high light saw. A yellow came out as #78 Mason Love got loose and slid up into #50 Danny Anderson for forth place at the 32 lap. Mason (who races at Show Time and is a many time Champion) did not like the call for both of them to go to the rear. After stopping on the front stretch to EXPRESS his TRUE FEELING the wrecker was call out to remove him after he was disqualified. And the FANS went WILDDDDDDD!!! The #13x of JR Garcia drove his butt off all the way to the third when yellow came out. On the restart Steven King in the #16k was on the inside after #25 Cody choose the outside (leaders choose inside or out) JR had the perfect restart, but Steven spun his tires and JR beat him on the inside before the finish line. That black flag JR to the rear. The #25 Cody McDuffie crossed the line first and Won the FIRST ever “EVER” Young Gun Challenge WINNER. Also congrats to him for his first FASTRUCK NEXT GENERATION Win!!! Robert keep his word about teching the trucks. They spend 3 hour checking the first 7 finishers. When the dust settle there was 4 DQ’s (not sure of the reason I had to head home because of a high fever and not feeling well). The Q Auto & Injury Attorneys support sponsorship was well received by everyone and they all ran the decal to be in the chase for the cash.
Here is the Official Finish order:

  1. #25 Cody McDuffie YGC
  2. #16k Steven King YGC
  3. #50 Danny Anderson
  4. #9 Cole Partelo YGC
  5. #13x JR Garcia
  6. #13 Taylor Hosford YGC
  7. #11 Billy Carlbert Jr
  8. #77 James Dellea III YGC
  9. #37 Michael Goddard FAST Qualifier YGC
  10. #14 Sam Scott YGC
  11. #44 Chase Lovelady YGC
  12. #12 John McNamara
  13. #77x James Dellea
  14. #3M Jay Zolciak DQed YGC
  15. #59x BECCA Monopoli DQed
  16. #32 Jeff Firestine DQed
  17. #78 Mason Love DQed
  18. #28 Michael LaPlant DNS

Later today we will be making a announcement that everyone will LOVE!!! Stay tuned and have a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! [/SIZE][/I][/B]