Auburndale 100 Owned by Dutilly!

Auburndale Sunoco 100 Impressions:

>>The Track:
>The new aluminum grandstand replacement “planking” is much better. The supports underneath are what they always were and are placed a considerable distance apart. Am pretty sure they are farther apart than the Aluminum manufacturer would be overjoyed with. The result is that the aluminum is then quite bouncy, and twists easily underfoot. Not so good for the balance challenged. Nonetheless, better is better. Thank you, Auburndale.

>The chicken tenders were not bad at all.

>Announcing–really…? There is a nice lady that does the post race interviews. Give her a mic. Discard the rest of the microphones. Better yet, perhaps she could provide training. She is at once succinct, professional, and folksy.

>“Cone/pick your lane restarts” were in play. I still like 'em.

>>The Race:
>Dutilly qualified fastest, started sixth. He rolled through the field pretty quickly, took the lead, and held it. Many challenges, but he has plenty of beef under that hood and plenty of skill.

>There was always action, and lots of sheet metal “issues”. Spirited drives were made by many, Joe Boyd among them. Unfortunately a RF flat took him out of contention.

>>The Story:
>Dutilly’s car is hellacious fast out of the corners. It settles when he lifts and is dead planted for the next turn. The articulation of the back half of the car is seemingly unlike the competition’s cars. Something for the other guys to look into, perhaps.

>But, in my opinion, the big story was Jessie’s initial pass for the lead. After an early caution, he restarted on the outside of (I believe) the 57 car. Everyone still had new tires, and Dutilly could not make it by on the outside. After about three laps, he resigned himself to dropping into second place. But the second groove was working well, actually about a half-groove up from the bottom, and either the leader was moving up into that for the speed or to block Dutilly going into one. Regardless, Dutilly moved across his rear bumper as he moved to the bottom, just grazing it. I don’t think any paint was traded, and it did not radically upset the leader’s car. But he had to lift a tick and correct, and meanwhile Jessie was on the bottom and gone by 3. It was beyond textbook, it was art!

ps–Surprisingly, no apparent gas/tire purchase crisis, no union picket line out front, 16-18 cars started I believe, probably all but about three were capable of…second place.

yeah, I guess 16-18 cars is the “good field” that is commonly accepted. Weekly from 7-12 is considered a good field. SMH, probably can match those numbers with the numbers of cars sitting at home on stands too.

Wish you could have been there, Scott.

Hope you can make another event soon.

Actually yes, 16 - 18 at Auburndale is a decent field imo,.


Dutilly is one of the most under rated drivers in Florida. He’s got the ability to compete anywhere.

We’re into a brand new world in auto racing. 16 to 18 car features ( supposedly for big money ) are the new normal. Just like nascar removing up to half of the seating at some tracks and then bragging about packing the grandstands.

I got there late and missed all the heats.They repeatedly announced 18 late models but 16 actually started.I have no idea how many qualified.Brandon Morris in the #56 had a good run going until he got caught up in Steve Dorer and Dylan Martins shoving match.Maybe he should be in the next big boxing match on pay-per-view after the shot he gave Dorer on the frontstretch.Dylan Martin had to get credit for his perseverance to finish on the lead lap because that car was used up.Ive seen less beat up cars in a demo derby.All in all a good race but everybodys going to have to step up their game to outrun Dutilly.

beat up cars

you don’t know what beat up cars look like until you have seen Edward Howell and Junior Percell race for the win

If memory serves me correct in that incident, Doer and Martin were racing side by side pretty hard, and Morris deiced to split between them in the middle of 3 & 4 which resulted in taking them all out. And then the altercation with Morris and Doer happened which caused the DQ of Morris. Martin was the only one able to drive off.

I was sitting on the exit of turn four and what I saw was a dogfight between Dorer and Martin for positionfor at least a lap resulting in the two of them getting out of shape exiting four and Morris,close behind catching Martin as he slid up the track as they approached the flagstand with Martin and Morris collecting each other which resulted in Morris impacting the wall to the point of not being able to continue whether or not he would have stopped Dorer on the frontstretch and punched him or not.But you know the exit of of four at A-dale is a great place for initiating contact.

I never got to see either of those guys race,but if they ever raced at A-Dale I can only imagine.