2 OWM races, at 2 tracks this Saturday night

both are 50 laps and $1000 to win, 750 tire at both tracks

who gets more cars- Bronson or Auburndale? :ernaehrung004:

ps- yes I know OWM are also racing at NSS

I think those guys would rather run a regular show there than change their cars around for a bullring like Bronson- though it would be cool if a couple of those heavy hitters snuck over and tried to steal the dough…

Auburndale will get more. But they won’t get more than 20 with both tracks combined.

that means Auburndale will probably get 14-15 cars because Bronson has been getting only 5-6 OWM

or maybe this could be the “breakout” or “turnaround” weekend at Bronson and they get a nice field of 10-12 Mods

A word to the wise, the pessimist never gets let down. Haha.

I think you’re being too optimistic. I was being generous in saying 20. Realistically Bronson will have 6 and Auburndale will have 9. That’s my official guess. They paid $1,000 to win a month or so ago and got 7 cars. Nobody wants to spend $800 on 6 tires.

“the pessimist never gets let down.”

Oh, am I going to get some mileage out of that one…

Thank you, sir!


Glad to be of assistance!

Looks like Adale had 11- don’t know about Bronson yet, they don’t bother to post results until about mid week.
She has a life ya know other than running a race track… oh wait! what?

No promotion other than facebook, no interaction or promotion on this board, no posted results day after races, no working with other tracks on rules and schedule…
no wonder she gets only 28 cars in the pits, half of which are the FWD junkers they call strickly stock- more like demo derby than racing

BTW whats up with advertising a class, Street Stock, that hasn’t ran for like 6 weeks? :fragend005: $12 for Stricklys, PS, SS, and LMS but no SS show up- shouldn’t we get a fourth of our admission refunded? LoL :rolleyes:

between her and CCS is there any wonder about the state of paved racing in north Florida? /rant :stuck_out_tongue:

ps- did you hear about the Progressive Triple Crown Event for LMS or that she is trying to bring back the E-Mod class? you haven’t? well that’s because you aren’t trying hard enough- nothing is on the track owner/promoter other than to throw open the gates…

Told to me by someone who was at Bronson 5-16…
Total 21 cars in 3 divisions. 5 OWM and won by local Robbie Cooper…

I know I ripped on this place kindof hard but then they went and posted their results and posted about the Triple Crown Event for the Sportsman.
So shut my mouth- I was glad to see all that and figured maybe I had lit a little fire under the promoters feet.

But here we are a week later and pretty much the same ole same ole- promotion is facebook only, no overall results from last weekend, no hype on this board for this weekends upcoming race- whatever…

BTW from what I heard CCS has been closed the last 2 weekends and probably this week too- I would think that in itself would be a promotional opportunity to add cars and fans… or not :stuck_out_tongue: