looking to trade or offers

Kind of decide modified is probably not the best class to start back up in after not racing for 10yrs. So i want a pro-truck, sportsman, or super stock… I have what looks to be a howe mod chassis. It has a chevelle clip, winters quick change, just hung a 5star 1999 fiber monte carlo body on it. Set of 643 aluminium heads, 562/584 solid lift cam and lifters,gear drive timing set. Valve springs, 10? titanium retainers with locks, 2.02 & 1.6 valves (too big for heads), assault single plain high rise… so what do you have… very motivated. Send pics to (407)272-2521


will trade mod roller for roller super stock or sportsman


$2500 obo you cant buy a quick change or the 12:1 sweet mfg steering box for that.


bring it to me in ill trade u my lower mac tool box for it