5/23 Completely Unofficial Desto Recap:Dutilly owns Desoto 100

The Track:
A nice place. Had been there many moons ago, but had about forgotten the place. Those that know can correct me, but it appears to be a lot like a little larger version of Speed World.

The Show:
The lower classes were split for the heats, providing in some cases 2-3 car races. Say what?
Nonetheless, the races weren’t bad, with lots of lap-after-lap side by side action.

The Intermissions:
No typo, they had two of them, the first while the rain clouds ominously approached. One for a kids group, the second just before the late model event. Both involved fans on the track, and were 30-45 minutes each.
Track Management: Are you aware that the (also paying) fans remaining in the grandstand were quite vocal about the extended delay(s) after a while?

The Race:
Jessie Dutilly was fast qualifyer, and started sixth. By lap 20-22 he had taken the point, and again that was that. Anthony Campi challenged early, but a restart on the outside did not work out and he was shuffled back, involved in an altercation or two, and hung on for forth. Dorer was close, but no cigar. Joe Boyd drove another steady race, even pitting around lap 65 and returning to finish third.

The Story:
Somehow, Dutilly is fun to watch even when he is dominating a show. He reminds me of a young Jeff Gordon with a dose of Ironhead Senior/Gary Balough thrown in when necessary. Dorer got a nose-ahead jump on a restart and was slightly ahead going into one. However Dutilly hit him and moved him on up the track while he motored off. In victory lane he apologized for his “mistake”. It was a damn precise mistake, and one that I was expecting and was fine with.

A great night at a great facility. I bought a souvenir shirt for the wife. Dutilly owned the Desoto 100.

OldShool please call me…

[SIZE=“4”]OldSchool please call me. My new title (wow a title yeah I know…) is PR and Marketing Director. I really want to address to Show and how we can work to improve it. My number is 813-817-7223. Your information and view is very important to me. Thanks for coming and hopefully we can make it better together. I truly believe a Race Track is built around a Family. The Racers, the Staff, but most of all the FANS (YOU). Please help me get “the Palace of Speed” the best it can be![/SIZE]


Congratulations on your new position!

A great evening. The minor concerns were listed and you can move forward in whatever fashion you think is best.

I am not even a factor, it is a long drive for me, and that generally precludes my attendance.

Again, congratulations.

Oh yeah, check with Yoho and figure out how he does the “come from the back for an extra $10k insurance-pays” thing, or otherwise invert the whole field if Dutilly pulls in the back gate!


[SIZE=“7”]Fair enough. THANKS!!![/SIZE]

Bobby, it was good seeing you at the race track this weekend. I’m glad the weather held out so we could get the full 100 laps in. There were some pretty good clean racing in the super race. And a lot of two wide racing. All in all, it was a pretty good night at racetrack.

I also want to thank Denny, Linda, Jeff and all the rest of the staff at Desoto Speedway for always making us feel welcome. We hope to make it back for another race or two there this year.

Bobby. Keep beating that drum brother!!! :huepfen024::huepfen024:

Thanks again

It was a great show as always. Desoto is always the place to be on Saturday night.