NSS new seats

So where are they putting the new grandstands? Are they just redoing the existing framework with new seating or are they scrapping what they had completely? Assuming that only the wooden/fiberglass ones are being screwed with.

GS Seats

Replacing old wooden ones one both ends of speedway.

Do you know if they are just replacing the wood or the whole metal framing?

Replacing everything… Materials are being delivered but permits are not done yet… A little hint for you after talking to Kim Saturday… These will not just be “grandstands” but a whole lot more… Stay tuned!

Charlotte South? Suites? Condos?

Really, Kim and gang at NSS, am happy for you! Exciting times!


Who has dibs for the grandstands that are to be removed?

The Haase family has given Robert Hart an I.O.U. for them. They will be installed at 3PS “soon”…

Cue CCR–“Who’ll stop the rain?”

Model 50 15 high built buy Reves steel in Tampa… Good stuff but don’t met code in florida. Most of the old ones have been grandfathered in…
If they need help moving then someone let me know