NASCAR lunacy and the flag

?Hello, Daytona Speedway Security office.?

?Hey, this is Brian France.  I have your boss Joey Chitwood on the line too.?

?Yes sirs, how can I help you??

?Listen, we need you to clean the confederate flags out of the infield for this weekends races.  The ad people in New York do not want to tick off the advertisers by having them see a bunch of rednecks acting like klan members.?


?Pay attention. Get the damn rebel flags out of there. This isn?t 1995 anymore, and we are not going to let the unwashed hicks at the tracks interfere with our global marketing initiatives. Do you know what it takes to land ad money from Apple? Maybe from Starbucks? Shit, if we had a few of our top guys come out and marry each other then we may have a chance. Otherwise we are stuck with auto parts and beer.?

?But don?t our customers buy auto parts and beer??

?Who cares?  We have shareholders to report to, and they demand a higher return then can ever be provided by ticket buying rednecks.  The focus is all about marketing.  Besides, they will forget about their damn flags, especially when they see what is coming next.?

?But the fans want racing and competition. It is a sport, not a broadway show.?

?Who the hell cares?  We have been pushing the ?Drive for Diversity? crap for 10 years, and sooner or later it will turn out an actual superstar; imagine: an innercity, cross-dressing, cross-eyed ethnic driver!  Oh wait, we will want the crosses out of the sport too.  Joey, take a memo, we need to drop that whole invocation thing.  Do we know any muslim imams?  That would be inclusive?..?  

?But what if the ethnic can?t drive??

?HELLOOO!!  Restrictor plate races; we control the plates, remember?  Shit, no wonder you drive a damn golf cart for a living; get an MBA or something.?

?So back to the flags? want me to round up the flags that we have welcomed for the last 50 years, right? The flags that symbolize our southern heritage and the southern roots of our sport? Those flags??

?Yeah, of course.  We cannot tolerate anything that is offensive to the New Yorkers.?

?But what about those gay rainbow flags, do you want them cleared out too? What about Mexican flags, or maybe Isis??

?You dumb shit!  Don?t you realize that Univision is taking over all the broadcasts starting in 2016?  Spanish only!  Those Mexicans breed like bugs, meanwhile the US fans are getting older and older.  And we are replacing the military fly-overs with an all-male dance review; you know, showtunes and shit.  New York demands it.  Don?t joke about Isis, we have pressure from the white house to get them on board too.  Imagine: Jamie Little doing pit road reports in a burka!?

?Gee whiz, I don?t think the fans are going to want to give up their confederate flags. They are fun-loving, independent Americans who work for a living and follow the rules. Are you sure we are focusing on the right problem? What if the fans stop coming? What will we do with the track, make it a FEMA camp??

?Bingo!  They are a bunch of right-wing extremists, they cling to their God, their guns and their flags.  One wrong move and the FBI will round up the whole bunch.?

?Know what Mr. France? This explains everything. Our racing sux, attendance is down, the support divisions are dying, and yet you chose to attack our most loyal fans in a knee-jerk, political swing to the left. Here is a plan for you; get the hell out of racing before you kill it off. You should be Michele Obama?s hairdresser! Maybe you can get a guest spot on ?The View???

?Joey, get me Hilary on the phone, she needs a VP.?

Ease up on ol Brian. He’s trying to keep the the southern states happy. He gets lots of tax breaks from them. The Republican Govs. and legislatures in most of nascar’s key southern states all voted to take down that stupid flag. As always, Brian ( being a life long card carrying Republican ) is simply following the herd.

One more thing,backpeddle on that confiscating the rebel flag thing,instead offer a flag exchange,you know,a rebel flag for ol’ glory.But sir we’ve tried to give out American flags before and all we ended up with was trash cans full of flags to clean up from the speedway grounds,how about we exchange them for a NASCAR flag?Nah, that makes too much sense people might actually keep those and we wont be able to recycle them from the trash for another worthless promotion.And while your at it contact Tony Stewart and see if he will agree to finally coming out of the closet and we can perform a three way wedding ceremony between him,Danica and that Ricky Stainedshorts guy before the race.Do you mean Stenhouse sir?Yeah that’s what I said dummy Stainedshorts,dont you listen?

Spoiler alert!!! Don’t be surprised if Yoho offers to exchange nascar flags for confederate flags.

Boneman Breaks Out A Funny Bone!


That was almost as funny as Yoho when he is being serious.

I am very impressed, sir, funny, funny stuff.

Nope I heard a rumor he bought up all the bozo the clown flags he could find online and simply had them altered to read bozo’s showtime speedway.

Some folks just don’t like a chance to win a car…

A clown car??

Just a '48 Ford truck or new Chrysler product-- $25k in value.

The “Clown” part depends on the new owner, I guess.

For those who love a losing heritage! I mean, at least the Conferacy and the Nazi’s tried. Think of how awesome America would be if they won. Oh wait, America as we know it would fail to exist if either side won. But hey, at least they tried!

NASCAR is not banning that flag, not yet anyway, but they are offering to exchange it. No question about it; this is a foolish cause for them to take on. I blew $200+ on tickets for this Sunday’s race, so I am entitled to my opinion as a customer who spends money of them.

AND my hat is off to Robert Yoho for workin’ it and making his business a success. I hope he has an over-flow crowd tonight, and excellent racing too.

Sad to say, Nascar is mirroring the way our once great country has gone.

[QUOTE=zerofor;162228]…offer a flag exchange,you know,a rebel flag for ol’ glory.[/QUOTE]From Jayski:

Daytona to offer Confederate flag exchange: Daytona International Speedway will implement a voluntary flag exchange program this weekend for any fans flying a Confederate flag during the track’s traditional Independence Day race weekend. DIS President Joie Chitwood said Tuesday that because fans had purchased tickets, he would not change the flag policy for this weekend so close to the event. He said the track will offer United States flags in exchange for Confederate flags. “We want to be inclusive to everyone, and the last thing you want is for anyone to come to a sporting event and really not enjoy that experience because of symbols that really represent things we’re not proud of,” Chitwood told reporters after a news conference to announce a new track sponsor. “For us, we’re celebrating the American flag this weekend. It’s our nation’s birthday. … Going forward, we’ll really have to look at where that other flag goes because it doesn’t have a place in our sport and we’ve got to take a thoughtful process on how we get to that place.”


Industry asks fans to refrain from displaying Confederate flag: Statement from NASCAR Industry Members: “As members of the NASCAR industry, we join NASCAR in the desire to make our events among the most fan-friendly, welcoming environments in all of sports and entertainment. To do that, we are asking our fans and partners to join us in a renewed effort to create an all-inclusive, even more welcoming atmosphere for all who attend our events. This will include the request to refrain from displaying the Confederate Flag at our facilities and NASCAR events. We are committed to providing a welcoming atmosphere free of offensive symbols. This is an opportunity for NASCAR Nation to demonstrate its sense of mutual respect and acceptance for all who attend our events while collectively sharing the tremendous experience of NASCAR racing.”(NASCAR with signatories of ALL race tracks of ISC & SMI and many others)
“NASCAR Nation”? That “nation” was founded on Southern principles, my friends…LOL

From Rex:

[QUOTE=Boneman;162243]I blew $200+ on tickets for this Sunday’s race, so I am entitled to my opinion as a customer who spends money of them.[/QUOTE]Rex, yo do realize that the Cup race is Saturday night, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=Jimmy McKinley;162289]From Jayski:


“NASCAR Nation”? That “nation” was founded on Southern principles, my friends…LOL

From Rex:

Rex, yo do realize that the Cup race is Saturday night, right? :P[/QUOTE]

Actually, Jimmy, this historically run Saturday race has been moved to Sunday night this year. I guess TV ratings are more important than having a built in rain date and convenient travel day for the fans.

nascar was assuming the holiday would be recognized on Monday…but myself and many others our day off is today. Nascar fails again…LOL

I tell you what this country has went down the tubes. this past week with all that’s been happening from gay people standing in our white house taking picture’s of them self giving past presidents the middle finger. now a big uproar over a flag and now they are pulling off the TV Dukes of hazard really !!! I bet we our the laughing stock of the other countries. this whole country should be ashamed and embarrassed of what this clown has done in the white house . as far as nascrap, Wal-Mart, amazon and eBay. who are they to dictate what we should own or buy is this not a free country still what about our freedom of speech. if we were all smart we would boycott them all . if we don’t this is only the beginning of things to come watch and see .

Do you feel there is some reason why gays and lesbians shouldn’t be afforded the same rights as everyone else? Aren’t we a nation supposedly built on equality, where are men and women are created equal?

I don’t think anybody should stand in the White House and take pictures of themselves disrespecting past presidents pictrues or anything else.if anything it shows how ignorant they are.

Well, you specifically said gay people were doing it. If nobody should be doing it, why point out that gays were doing it? How about this… Would you be ok if they were taking pictures in front of Obama’s picture and taking photos? Would that bother you?

He specifically said gay people because they ARE the ones who did it. Quit wearing your lifestyle on your sleeve, I don’t need to know about it if you are gay and proud.