Sportsman BOUNTY Increases at New Smyrna Speedway

American Auto Tires & Service has increased the BOUNTY on Patrick Thomas to $300 this Saturday night at New Smyrna Speedway. Any Sportsman driver who can beat Patrick Thomas and WIN the race will receive a BONUS of $300 CASH.

Bounty 2.jpg

“The Bandit” rides again!

(“On a steel horse he rides”–Bon Jovi)

pay out

What is the complete payout sir, for those of us with hopes of just a top 5? Also, what does it cost a racer who has never been there to get in the gate? Entry and NASCAR license?

Add $300 to the winner’s purse if the winner is not Patrick and he is still running at the checker.

NASCAR License: 7 day $25, $100 for the year.

$20 pit pass w NASCAR License (temp too), $25 for non-license holders.

Who can beat him?

Heard on the wind that some big guns from the West might be mighty interested in that there Bounty bein’ offered up by the Big Boss in Samsula.

Patrick should get at least half of the Bounty for himself if he wins again.

Not quite fair that he’s the ONLY guy that doesn’t have a chance for a better payday.

If you are looking for a place to watch some good racing this evening, Newsmyrna Speedway will be the place to be. There is a 50 lap modified race with a few of the west coast and Auburndale cars coming.

Plus the ever exciting Sportsman class with car counts averaging 20 cars per race, plus several heavy hitters from Desoto, and Auburndale coming to try to collect the extra bounty money for the win. Hopefully we have a good clean race and can let it play out on the track. I am expecting 4 to 5 out of towners that will be bounty hunting.

Also the bombers will be in action with there 4 cylinder VS v8 battle.

Patrick Thomas 25

Patrick, am getting ready to blow some primer & single stage on a couple of panels. If I survive am planning on helping send the bounty hunters home disappointed.

BTW, gang, “GOODmark” is a tremendous misnomer. Have about 6 hours in straightening out expensive new stuff…