What a bunch of 4$%^&# scheduling a race on a Sunday night. I guess their new “target audience” doesn’t work on Mondays? I tried posting a comment on their facebook page but they “screened” it and it hasn’t appeared. LOL! Assholes.

Call for “Drivers Start Your Engines” at 11:26 p.m.
Woohoo…good night as the TV goes off.

Quit your bitchin

Late-Late Night—

I was enthralled by the race itself, and even more by the end.

give me props for using a 50cent word

Just using the word " props " puts you into the top ten.
JR. had everybody covered all night. But there was some good racing all through the pack. The cars don’t seem to be able to even draft up to each other anymore. If you’re stuck in the pack, you’re stuck in the pack until someone makes a mistake you can capitalize on.

Speaking of props, maybe the move, or maybe the lucky move, of the night was the 47 car ( i think it was the 47 ) missing the engine/transmission from Dillon’s car by maybe a foot. Hitting that engine at the speed he was still moving would have been huge.

Well now that’s extra precious. Nina’s Channel…then an hour of the rain. It’s refreshing to see you’re not afraid to show your feminine side.

I think you should make me.