three plams

11 trucks,1000.00 to win,someone tell me hows that works out for the track,they are losing money with deals like that,

They can afford it. They saved about 80K on the catch fence and have realized tremendous savings with their innovative bring your own seating plan. Very good at keeping infrastructure costs to a bare minimum.

It is due to careful plamming.

4 classes running with a total of 28 cars in the pits. LOL

I don’t come on here very often,why? Cuz every time there are too many whinny pissy guys only bitching about stuff they did not make any better, when they should be very happy there is any were to race.:dry: I come on to read about what ever fun racing is going on! Nearly all the tracks I had great fun racing at are now gone. Three Plams is a lot of fun to race at,Got to race there under a few other names,to bad I’m retired with no $ to race anymore,but I be there if I could.:ernaehrung004:

Dana, You ain’t bitching about the whiny bitchy guys, right…?

Forgettaboutit, and throw in your positive two cents worth from time to time.

Glad you got to race, memories that no one can ever steal.

Good, go away.

The only thing I will “complain” about is the way the current management is running the place. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist here. Desoto is closed for the months of July & August, why don’t these people run the classes Desoto normally runs? You know Street Stocks, Bommers, Pure Stocks, maybe Sportsman? Instead they run Midgets, Go Carts, Dwarf Cars & Trucks. On a consistent basis , I guess that how they do it up north. Only time will tell for the Haase regime in Punta Gorda. But I will say I don’t look good. This was there chance to win some of the racers back that they had ticked off when they first opened, with there zero tolerance policy on every thing from ,racers getting pictures on the front stretch with their family & friends ,to how they didn’t tech the cars equally. It was a chance to hit the Reset Button that’s all.

Simply stated, they can’t afford the purses.


hotshot, You are way out of line. must be P.C. Dave O’Steen ( dave 41 )

Another weekend gone by with a canceled race?

[SIZE=“4”]Another weekend gone by with a another canceled race? I had a call and was told only 10 cars showed up for all the divisions and said they were told one cloud in the sky was the reason and the race was called (sounds like Linus from Peanuts is running the show) . With Auburndale and Desoto closed for summer they should of had plenty of cars. The South West Racing Community (SWRC)keep calling and asking when??? All I can said is it sure can’t be long. It sure will take a ton of money to dig out the Track. I think a new start would be embraced by the SWRC (they sure aren’t behind the current operators)!!! There is about 300 Race Teams from I-4 South. What’s your 2cents.[/SIZE]

i just like that the thread title is “three plams” - seems fitting.

More like Three Plums !!! Rofl
Ie: The daddy & his two sons

Practice canceled!!!

[B][I][SIZE=“5”]FACEBOOK post. 2:20
Three Palms Speedway
Practice for tonight has been canceled

We will continue to update everyone about the race tomorrow. Please keep checking back for updates[/SIZE][/I][/B]

Update on their races…

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]Three Palms Speedway Facebook
10:10 am

Due to the weather in the area as well as the surrounding areas, the races for tonight have been cancelled. We hope that everyone has a safe weekend and that we can get back to racing next weekend.

Hope they are NOT putting Pro Trucks against Show Times “Larry Moyer Memorial”. That might be their biggest mistake. Don’t think they would get many trucks. [/SIZE][/I][/B]

This was a SPATS race not scheduled by 3 palms. The tentative reschedule date is 8/15.

Very Smart…

[SIZE=“5”]Very Smart not to reschedule on top of another truck race. Thanks for clearing it up. With the Larry Moyer Memorial at Show Time on August 1st, FASTRUCK’s at Citrus on August 8th, Your SPATS Trucks on the 15th. The Pro Trucks are the most raced type of Stocks Cars racing Florida. Thanks hnh#26!!![/SIZE]

To be clear I have nothing to do with the SPATS organization or scheduling just passing on information that was relayed to me from SPATS. I do wish that somehow both series could continue to exist and thrive without any of the negativity. I also hope that I am not made out to be a traitor or somehow less of a racer because of where and with who I choose to race. My opinion there is just too much off track drama that goes on which gets really old. At this point we will run where it makes financial sense for us to run. It has been discussed elsewhere but both series should take a look at the payout structure and try to understand what those of us in the middle to back of the field are up against and why too many trucks disappear after just a few races. Not looking to make any money just trying to get enough in return to keep it going.

All this talk about the “racetrack de’airport” aka 3 palms, whatever happend to the flooded parking lots that caused all the problems with the previous owners?

They don’t have enough fans to use those parking lots!