The Winged Devils are returning to the "Palace of SPEED"!!!!

[SIZE=“5”]The Winged Devils are returning to the “Palace of SPEED” DESOTO SUPER SPEEDWAY July 25th!!!
Get your plans ready to the watch Drivers go wheel to wheel on the high banks. “It’s the fastest 12 minutes in Short Track Racing”. This race is the rain out from 6-20 were we had expected 20+ WING DEVILS. More have called for slabs. Also racing: Legends, Bomber’s, Road Course, Flag Pole, Enduro and those CRAZY SCHOOL BUS Figure 8’s. If your coming please call ahead for your slab 941-748-3171 Linda’s back and waiting for your calls!!![/SIZE]



Might be nice if you posted the date that the winged devils are returning. Also for the uninitiated, what track is the Palace of Speed?

Not to be confused with…

("[That website] is some authentic gibberish right there"--Matt Albee)

Got it!!! Thanks!!!


I will be back in the office on Tuesday if you need a slab. 941-748-3171
no bombers on the 25th but street stock are on.
this is a make up from 6-20