NBC at Indy.

While I was pulling for Blaney it appears Kyle may have been holding back a little. Once again a cup regular takes the win over the newcomers. The most encouraging thing I saw was that finally a television group got it right and only streamed the field for the cars on the lead lap for the last 10 laps. I get sick and tired of a DNF being shown just as often as the leaders. As far as I am concerned they can do the full field on the quarter hour that way we know to go get a beer or something important.


I agree he got him so out of shape he almost crashed. Also what was the deal on the lap car that would not move out of the way? :ernaehrung004:

I figure NBC screwed up and showed a race by accident. The golf association is going to be angry. But i’ll take what i can get.
Love him or hate him, Kyle is fun to watch. I think he had everybody covered all race long.

mirror drive

the mirror in the Blaney car is what screwed him up . not the lapped car or Kyle

That’s why I love dirt. We never had a mirror in our modified or late model. Your focus was in front of you and dealt with the now, not what might happen.


you drive off into a turn at 185 mph, look at your mirror ,you will miss your line.

When I raced, I loved the mirrow drivers.