Attention all Late Models 100 laps pay $3000.00 to WIN on August 22nd. Part 2

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]I hate to have to read through all the post to get to the fresh information, or comments. So here is “Attention all Late Models 100 laps pay $3000.00 to WIN on August 22nd” part 2!!!

On August 22nd Desoto will have the BIGGEST Race since the ICE BREAKERS!!!
It’s the NASCAR Homestead Ford Eco Boost Ticket Give-A-Ways!!!

Also starting at 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM we will have a SWAP MEET out front in the parking lot. $20.00 for a 10x10 area $30.00 for a 20x20. Bring all your stuff that’s your no longer needing. Motorsports is the theme, but anything from Stock Car, Drag Racing, Road Racing, RC cars, boats, and planes. If you want to sell it someone may buy it!!!

If that’s not enough we are having the Tribute to the Late Model Legends. During the Autograph session we will have a table for the Legends to meet and greet their Fans. So far:
LeRoy Porter
Randy Fox
Mike Franklin (added 7/31) I had to put him next to Randy!!!
Dickie Anderson
Dave Pletcher
I will add when new ones confirm.

Here’s the expected line up for the Late Model 100 Legends Race:
Joe Boyd
Dave Weaver
Dylan Bigley
Michael Atwell
Jesse Dutilly
Billy Bigley Jr.
Anthony Campi
Nick Neri
Steve Dorer
Anthony Cataldi
Dustin Dunn
Dickie Anderson
Dave Pletcher
Chad Chastain
Dylan Martin
DJ Hoelzle (added 7/29)
Cody Martell (added 7/30) And will be driving the Iconic #4 of Randy Fox Late Model.
Mike Franklin (added 7/31)
If you are coming let me 813-817-7223 or post on the string!!!
I will keep updating the string.[/SIZE][/I][/B]

Wow!I called the MAN that won more money than any one else from me!!! Mike Franklin!

[SIZE=“4”]Wow! I calledd the MAN that won more money than any one else from me!!! Mike Franklin! It was GREAT telling him all about the weekends plans for August 22nd.
He will be racing, but is a Legend of the Late Models and likes the idea of putting on a program for the Fans!!!
So if you know someone you would like to see call me. 813-817-RACE(7223).
Thanks for all the suggestions![/SIZE]


Shaping up very nice I must say. How about the #59 of Dustin Dunn. Nice and competitive family team.

Weftracing96. Thanks for the shout out. It was Dustin’s 25th birthday yesterday. He also had his last final exam Palm Beach State Collage yesterday. He leaves next weekend for the next chapter in his life. He is moving to Mooresville to attend the UNC. He will be going the the Alan Kulwicki Campas to pursue his degree in Motorsports Mechanical Engineering. We couldn’t be more proud of him and we wish him all the luck in the world. We are throwing a huge Birthday/Going Away party tomorrow.

On a side note. Those of you that have competed with us over the years know that our whole team consist of Dustin, my wife Lisa, myself (Andrew), and our dog Cruiser. It comes with a heavy heart for me to tell you all that Cruiser passed away a few weeks ago after his trip to Desoto. Cruiser was 13 1/2 and had a great life. When he was born we owned Martin Co. Kartway. Racing is all he knew. Cruiser traveled to all of the Southeast states up to Virginia with ASALMS, PASS, Fastruck, Fast Late Models, WKA, FKA, FDDS and several other touring series thru the years and has logged over 45 racetracks under his paws. Cruiser has also been featured in Late Model Digest, Speed 51, World Karting Magizine, and National Karting News. Needless to say, he will be greatly missed by many in the racing community. Godspeed Cruiser!!!

So, with that being said. Our team will probably no be able to go on with just 3 team members. So we are happy to announce the newest member of our team, “Rufus”. Rufus was born the day after Cruiser passed and is anxious to follow in his footsteps. So, everyone can stop by and introduce yourself to Rufus. You should be able to find us in pit stall #1.

P.S. Dustin has already booked his flight from Charlotte to attended this event.

Again. Thanks for your support.

Congrats Dustin, Good luck in you’re next venture

The The best thing about our sport is that we are a Family!

[SIZE=“4”]The best thing about our sport is that we are a Family! It is so cool to see Dustin grow up (as all of our FAST Kids do). For a young man to grow up and follow a path that Dreams are of is just amazing. With his Family by his side and supporting the FIRE within. This sport is about one person in a car show casing all the work the Teams put in. Dustin’s always been in the GAME. I am proud to of been a part of his story. His future in this sport is BRIGHT!!! Loosing Cruiser is tough. We are all here for a very short time. You must always do your best and Cruiser did his job “A young Mans BEST Friend”. No one can do this sport alone. The old saying goes "When one door closes another one opens. Welcome Rufus!! Your time has come. Get ready for a GREAT ride. You are ONE LUCKY DOG!!! Good luck to Dustin in the next step of the ladder in life. His Team will always be there to ready to join you in the Winners Circle. Cruiser you are missed, but will always be part of our hearts. See you on the 22nd!!! Can’t wait to see all of you!!![/SIZE]

So glad to hear you guys are coming. It’s gonna be a great night! Sorry to hear about the pup, but it’s great to hear Dustin is excelling with his future plans!

You got that right Bobby. It’s all about family. It’s hard to believe that Cruiser was only 1 year old and Dustin was 13 when we met you and started racing your series. And when Dustin turned 15 he jumped into super late model in your series and was trying to work his way between Randy Fox and Mike Franklin. Both of those guys were great mentors for Dustin. We will be glad to see them at the legends event.

I’m also glad to say that Dustin’s birthday party went off without a hitch. I must say the kids nowadays are pretty ingenuitive. Somehow they were able to incorporate beer pong and a bounce house water slide into one event. LOL Good times for all!!! I don’t do the Facebook thing but I’m sure there’s some highlights on Dustin’s Facebook page.

We don’t actually get our new Family member for two more weeks. He’s just 5 1/2 weeks old. But at the party there was some opposition to the name Rufus. Come to find out part the crowd want to name him Rowdy. I am not very computer savvy so I’m not able to post pics. So I emailed some pics to the admin hoping that he can post them for me. I’m pretty sure when you see his pictures that it will be obvious what his name should be but we might have to take a vote on it. I hope he post the pics.