All tech vs. North Florida

It appears it is time to put on the gloves in North Florida. All tech has scheduled their opening night on top of North Floridas special childrens school bag give away night. This night is one of the favorites among the fans as full back packs stuffed with school supplies are given to more than 100 children. The two tracks have both scheduled late models and E mods. Since North Floridas schedule has been out for some time I guess this means war. Lake City a thriving metropolis of maybe 20k will not support both tracks on the same night. This can only hurt the quality of the racing at both tracks and the fans end up the victims until the war is over. I don’t have a dog in this fight but I will say Phil and Liz have done a superb job of keeping racing alive there and are continually making improvements.

Crazy decision to do this…

I’ll probably go to Ellisville only because I just bought a new backpack. :slight_smile:

That’s a poor way to start up a new track.

And if they ran Friday night they would be competing with BRP…Unfortunately someone is going to be the odd man out.

That’s true, but they should alternate classes and work together on scheduling. In other places of the country ( the south ) I’ve seen nearby tracks only race every other week and promote each others races. They learned that business is better this way.

I knew it was going to be like this- where is that original post about them going dirt… aw fuck it all- have at it folks…
paved racing is on life support, so open a dirt track 5 miles from another one- and then run on the same night SMH FTW :thumbdown:

never mind that Albany and Needmore are running Saturday also

why the fuck couldn’t you repave the place and work with Bronson and Citrus?
build up the classes that are putting on a great show and are affordable to the racers ===> Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, E Mods and the LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN!!!

bring in Sprint Cars or Open Mods or SUPER LATE MODELS every few weeks and maybe even work with NSS or 5 Flags… the SSS or Brighthouse or the TBARA

whatever, good luck

Two tracks 5 miles apart. Lets see, Lake City right off the interstate with US 90 as a exit that over the past 20 years has grown in motels and fast food places. If it was not for that interstate exit two MacDonalds in the same 5 miles could not make it. A Wendys and a MacDonalds could, somehow they are different. For whatever reason the new track does not want to race on a different night. If they did, could they have done ok? We won’t know. Would drivers race both nights like in the hay day of local stock car racing? We won’t know. Enough cars? The cost of racing twice a week? Fans can’t afford 2 nights of racing? These topics have been on this board forever, cost of racing and the cost to go to races. If you are a racer or pit member then you most likely know someone that races karts. Look at the karts and the price, the cost to race them, esp. tires and try right now to find a kart track that is doing any better then a stock car track. You are not and it is suppose to be about family. Local stock car tracks have tried to promote kart racing and most have failed. Racing of any type is down.

The investors would have to have known, and I believe it is clear where they are planning on getting their cars and crowd from…

So, the other venue can also load the cannons or choose another night.

It ain’t pretty, but it’s bidness.

Weather still looks good up here

What to do? Ellisville will be packed but should be exciting. Could be one of those “first night open drawn out last forever nights” though. Hmm…what’s an old grump to do?

go to North Florida Speedway- LoL!!! :teufel021:

Too dumb to do that.:slight_smile: