New Smyrna Speedway Updates...

It looks like the weather should move through by early afternoon. We are attempting to race tonight!

Robert was released from the rehabilitation center yesterday and is home. Recovery and therapy is continuing but all in all he is doing extremely well. The Hart family would like to thank everyone for their prayers during this time.

Andrew James Clyde Hart is graduating as we speak. He’s receiving his master’s degree from the University of South Florida. He will begin his doctorate work in Miami next week. If you’ve never had a chance to meet him, he is an amazing guy and we are all so proud of him!

All kinds of good news here! I hope there is a good turn out tonight!

Congrats all the way around.

Gonna try to be part of that there turn out.

Looks like rain in the area, are they still running?

Per the track @ 6:17 they are racing!

OS, looking forward to reading your unofficial report!