Sportsman Payoff 8/15 @ Showtime

Showtime Speedway Pinellas Park

$5000 CHALLENGE to the rear 22 car min.

1.$1400 2.$900 3.$700 4.$450 5.$350 6.$250 7.$225 8.$200 9.$175 10.$150 11.$100 thru field

Thx Rick.

& Thanks Robt. A pretty good payout though the field.

I am going to try to make it to this event.

What happens if every driver in the field elects to “start in the rear”???


Dave, its only offered to one of the Top 3 Qualifiers.


If I might add…

It is first offered to the pole sitter. If he accepts the challenge, it is not offered to the second and third place guys.

If he declines, it is then offered to the second place qualifier, and so on.


When is this race rescheduled??