This years Eddie Brann Memorial will be held at Showtime Speedway October 24th at 7PM! We will have an open practice on the evening of October 23rd with our annual cookout. For any of the drivers that would like to bring a side dish please contact Linda Grimm, any contributions will be greatly appreciated! If by chance mother nature comes into play, we will run this race on Sunday the 25th in the afternoon. In the past we have sold laps for $25.00 each, that money has been divided between the drivers that did not make the show. If you would like to sponsor a lap please contact Shari Phillips anytime after 4pm 727-432-5717. Please make checks payable to her. We would like to thank Herbie Cope for his time and effort in designing the shirts and logos and the awesome sponsorship sign that we auction off at the drivers meeting. We would like to thank Robert and Danielle Yoho for stepping up again this year and their continued support for this race. We will also be looking for help with our fast time and the rest of our contingency awards. We would like to thank the Campi family and royal tees for their support and donation for the shirts that we have sold for the last several years. This race will be a tire impound race we will have the slick available and also the 750 treaded, The choice will be yours! Please contact Jay with J & L Tire 813-626-5929 for all your tire needs. Below is the starting purse for this race, it will not go down but it is subject to INCREASE! There is NO ENTRY FEE FOR THIS RACE!

1- 2500
2- 1500
3- 1250
4- 1000
5- 750
6-10- 500
11-20- 400
21-26- 300

We will also offer the $5,000.00 challenge for the fast time to go to the rear!
If you have any questions you can contact me at 813-267-3710 Thank you! TONY

TC…sounds like great payouts for a great cause.

I have left msg for SP for four (4) laps (spread out through the field) under “Old Sunshine Fan”…

TC, thanks for everything you do (and have done) for this sport…

Thanks for the support OSF. Also thanks to Robbie Cooper with Bronson Lube & Tire for sponsoring the Fast Time Award $250.00

Thanks to Pinellas County Customs for sponsoring the HARD CHARGER AWARD $250.00 Also this race is 75LAPS my bad

Eddie Brann Update On Payout!

The purse payout for the Eddie Brann Memorial has officially been increased thanks to RELOAD GUN RANGE located at 40050 U.S. Hwy 19 North Tarpon Springs!
The updated payout is as follows:
1st- $3000
2nd- $1750
3rd- $1500
6th- $800
7-26th- $600

Also, THE CHALLENGE has been INCREASED to $10,000.00 if you are fast qualifier and chose to start in the rear! The challenge is based on 26 cars.

Again this race has no ENTRY FEE!

We still need lap sponsors, they are $25.00 each please get with Shari Phillips 727-432-5717 after 4pm!

Thanks, TC


The #8 Modified and GO-15 Friction Reducer would like to add to the 12th place and 15th place finisher purse 100.00 for each position. Plus buy 4 laps


Thanks Modified 8 and Go 15

Thanks to Chet Senokossoff for sponsoring The Hog Wild Award . Winner pulls a pill 1 thru 26 That position will get $250.00

OWM driver Doug Miller is offering $200.00 to any driver that can pull of the win on the Hoosier 750 treaded tire. Thank You

Thought the 750’s were Grooved tires? The one’s I bought are Grooved. The Hoosier Comanche’s are treaded.

Dd ??

Come on now…The same ribbed, grooved, sliced, Airplane/street stock/sportman and now modified tire…

Actually… According to the Hoosier website they are “ribbed”

My bad again Thanks for the clarification DD38, BTW are you going to dust off the Cobb Webs and bring that hot rod on over??

I will be at this race!

If it runs on Sunday, I will be there as well.

Tractor tars are “ribbed”. The 750s are “radially scribed” (lol).

OWM61, If I have a Driver.

Thanks to American Mulch & Ground Cover for stepping up and sponsoring the furthest Tow Award $300.00 any of you mod drivers from out of state we would love to have you come on down. IF you tow the furthest and make the race its $900.oo in you’re pocket , are you up for the challenge::

Thanks to Q Auto & Injury Attorneys for sponsoring are Trophy’s this year

Is this going to be a mandatory 4 tire race?

OWM61, are you going to dust off the cobwebs and run that thing?

Seems like it held it’s own and then some last event…

[QUOTE=OldSchool+;165210]OWM61, are you going to dust off the cobwebs and run that thing?

Seems like it held it’s own and then some last event…[/QUOTE]

If I’m not mistaken I believe he sold that car to Camron Ray.