Enduros Cancelled At Three Palms

Just heard that the enduros scheduled for Three Palms this weekend have been cancelled. Nothing on their FaceBook about it???

Lol! Total clown show.

When is the last time they raced? They advertise an event every week, but never put on a show. There have been a few legitimate rainouts, but many have been cancelled very early in the week…this sucks, we want to see some racing. Please gets someone in there that wants to try a little bit.

It’s coming!! Train is blowing the horn and getting close.

Stick a fork in it. She DONE!!!

[SIZE=“5”]Stick a fork in it. She DONE!!! I heard that the tone at the CCAA meeting got a little like a Salem Witch burnings. Hopefully next month the walking papers will be given. Ha Ho the Witch is gone, the Witch is gone. Great song from the Wizard of OZ!!! The turn in for where the flying monkeys are going next. [/SIZE]

I am sure your bad Karma will come back to rest on you…gloating over somebody’s failure or misfortune is a sin. Maybe not received in your racing life but in your personal life? Sorry for a guy like you…