New Smyrna Speedway Race Recap for 8/22/15


It was one of those crazy nights at New Smyrna Speedway for week number 24 of
the NASCAR Whelen All-American Racing Series Saturday night as one driver got
a big monkey off his back and, even though their race was completed by 9:15
pm, several others spent until the wee hours of the morning in the tech shed
only to have to wait until later in the week to get a final ruling and for the
official results to be posted.
The Modifieds opened up the evening with a 50-lap contest. Jerry “The Hammer”
Symons of New Smyrna Beach, who had been mired in a big spate of bad luck
recently, set quick time over Alan Bruns, Wayne Parker and James “Tank”
Tucker. Symons then drew a four for the field inversion placing Tucker on the
pole and it would be Tucker leading the first four circuits before Symons blew
past and into a solid lead.
Fifth-fast qualifier Shain Held is another guy who just can’t seem to get a
break and he pitted his car out of fifth spot on lap 11, then eventually
called it quits five laps later. Robert Deal stalled his mount at the
entrance to pit road on lap 18 to bring out the only yellow flag of the race.
On the restart, Parker got by Bruns for third place and the lead quartet ran
in order the remainder of the event As Symons scored just his second win of
the year as he last visited Hampton Inn victory lane with his Gene Kelly
Roofing/American Auto, Tires & Service Special on April 4th.
Tucker trailed in second followed by Parker, Bruns and Matt Wheeler. Greg
Krom made his first start here in a Modified and took sixth followed by Junior
Beckner, Bob Glover, Mike Dahm, Deal, Held and George Dahm.
A great field of 20 Super Stocks signed in to do battle in their scheduled
50-lap special. Qualifying was tight with Butch Herdegen setting the quick
lap in his Manheim Orlando machine ahead of Preston Hunt, Shannon Kelly and
point leader Justin Reynolds. Heredegen also pulled a four for the inversion
placing Reynolds on the pole and most figured the Merritt Island hot-shoe
would have things his own way in this one.
However, Kelly had other ideas as he got the jump on the start and assumed the
top spot. Little did everyone know he was having a really big problem despite
having a very fast car. “Every time I’d hit the brakes, the car wanted to go
hard right,” said Kelly. “So I just settled in and did what I could without
using any brakes,” he said. Unfortunately he got a bit loose in turn two
during lap eight and was inadvertently tapped into a spin by Reynolds.
Reynolds was not penalized and assumed the point for the restart.
Reynolds continued to lead Hunt and Herdegen as things began to settle down a
bit. That changed on lap 19 as Kelly spun again after getting into the car of
Bobby Holley. Reynolds, Hunt and Herdegen continued to run 1-2-3 after the
restart until the race was slowed a final time on lap 36 as Joe Gerard’s car
stalled at the entrance to pit road.
After this restart, Hunt began to mount a big challenge on Reynolds that would
continue until the checkered flag. The 15-year-old Deland High School student
began to work the low side of the track, pulling ahead of Reynolds in the
turns on several occasions and actually leading lap 40. Reynolds continued to
work the preferred middle groove though and held off Hunt at the finish with
Herdegen not far behind in third while ninth starter George Spears worked his
way up to fourth as the checker flew ahead of Zachary Curtis.
Victory lane ceremonies were concluded by 9:15 and it was off to the tech
inspection area where the top two cars protested each other’s legality. The
winning car of Reynolds was literally “torn down to the bare frame” while the
transmission was the reason for the protest of the Hunt car. Along with those
two, the speedway tech officials also wanted to check several items on the
third place car of Herdegen and the fifth place car of Curtis, both of which
passed with flying colors.
As the clock raced past midnight into Sunday, things had yet to be resolved
concerning the issues related to the top two cars and things began to get a
bit “testy” in the tech area as a large crowd was watching the proceedings.
Eventually the transmission in Hunt’s car was determined to not be in line
with the rules while the inspectors deemed they needed more time to make a
determination on the winning car of Reynolds. As of the time this release is
being written (Tuesday afternoon) no final results have been posted. “I
didn’t get home until 4 am Sunday and here it is two days later and I still
don’t know if I finished first or second,” said Herdegen who, so far, is the
only driver to beat Reynolds this season (on the track). A press release with
the official results will be posted as soon as they are made official.
Greg Bruce, Jr. and his Saturn again “ran rings” around the field in the
20-lap Bomber feature for his fourth win of the year. Aaron Overman took the
checker in second ahead of Charlie King, Jr. and point leader James Skinner
who blew a tire and pounded the turn two wall on lap eight. Overman has now
cut Skinner’s point lead to just five heading into the final two months of the

Photos by

  1. Modified winner Jerry Symons
  2. Bomber winner Greg Bruce, Jr.

Jerry Symons was back in Modified victory lane (Jim Jones Photo).jpg

Greg Bruce, Jr. topped the Bomber field (Jim Jones Photo).jpg

Super Stock Protest

Duh? It’s Wedsday any news on Justins Car? Also who is payin for all the teardown if he is legal??

The 6 car…


Here’s what’s going on. The cam was sent to crane cams to be tested. Crane has the cam and is suppose to be checking but they work on their time which sucks for me cuz I want my cam, my money for winning and protest money, and so I can get my motor back together. I’m sure it will be posted when New Smyrna gets the info from crane. Yes I get te protest money which is only $850 but putting the motor back together will cost more than that so it’s coming out of my pocket now.

That’s not right if your motor was sealed I thought the rule was they had to buy it they should owe you 3,200 min wasn’t that the reason for sealed motor class.


That’s what I thought too and was told this rule was not meant to be like that I guess. Now it has to be assembled by a authorized rebuilder. But oh well just costed me money to prove that I’m legal.

I don’t have any dog in this fight, nor do I know the involved parties. But from what I’m reading, it says any spec or crate engine can be claimed. It doesn’t say it can’t be protested? But if now, the protested crate owner has to lose money sending to an authorized crate engine rebuilder to certify it as legal, shouldn’t rules be put in place to protect that person from that expense?

yea I think they might want to clear this up tech that is . I way always under the understanding you could buy someone’s sealed crate motor and if it happen to be a built motor that could be tore down . once again what’s the point of a sealed crate motor class? if Justin is legal they need to make it right bottom line . the 6 car needs to buy him a new motor .

I think so too

I said the same thing. I have to follow the rule book but was told that, that rule was not right for crates I guess. So I will have to foot the bill to make my legal motor legal again. Doesn’t seem right but I was told I had to tear down and I’m the points leader and won the race so I didn’t really have a choice unless I wanted to give points and the race up. It sucks when the track didn’t follow their own rules that they wrote but there isn’t anything we can do. It’s just one more reason to why people can’t afford to keep racing. I bought crates so I didn’t have to worry about tearing them apart unless something was wrong which there wasn’t. The 6 team spends lots of money at the track with sponsorship and they get what they want in my opinion. I’ll get it fixed and be back out front no matter what

Problem is, it looks like they did follow their rules. And there appears to be a hole in their rules that as you pointed out, defeats the whole point of having a crate motor. If it’s found legal, then the protesting team should have to take the disassembled motor and supply the aggrieved with a new crate motor. Another issue is, with things being what they are, what is to stop them from protesting you again, thus making this a war of attrition?


Was told they wouldn’t be aloud to protest me anymore which they said they were gonna every week from now on but I’ve been legal every time my car has been teched which they have been dqed 4 times this year. Kinda like the old saying “the pot calling the kettle black”.

Sounds like it. Sounds like you have your act together though, so you’re gonna be ok in the long run.

Hey Justin,
This is Scott Cornman, I am responsible for the marketing (sponsorships) at NSS. Please don’t suggest that teams or drivers get special treatment because they sponsor or support the track. When you do this, you are suggesting that I (along with Jeff) act immorally and unethically. It is ok to be unhappy with a situation, but please don’t challenge my honor publicly without warrant.

I believe the 6 car has been DQed 3 times recently. Does not sound like favoritism to me.

The rule book is posted on the NSS website. There is a difference between a claim and a protest.

Thank you for supporting New Smyrna Speedway. I appreciate you bringing your cars and racing Saturday nights.


Scott never said you or Jeff didn’t do your job right. I like Jeff and tell him all the time I’m glad he does his job. I’m just stating what the rule book said. “Crate engine protest” which I have a crate engine and was protested so I feel like I should have been owed 3200 or a new motor. But it is what it is and I’ll get it back together with money out of my pocket. Their is A lot more to our story with the 6 car than you know. Also how come one of their team members was aloud to push one of mine next to my car and everyone seen it but nothing happened to him. Same guy acted like a idiot all night but was never told to leave? Just a question


I wanted him there in the event you were found legal on Saturday night to try and avoid any further speculation.

I understand

I understand kim I kinda wanted him there also just to prove to him so he can shut his mouth. I wish crane would hurry up so I can get my stuff back and get my motor together. It’s gonna be pushing it if it’s not done by today.

I’ll follow up today and give you a call.

AJ Pollard/Weftracing96 stop being a troll, you are a track official for a central Florida race track, so you think it’s okay to comment on every thread about other race tracks you don’t work at or have a interest in, and then you bait racers to say something bad about the tracks they race at. You are a manipulative troll. It’s also really a cool move to text somebody that had just wrecked their race car “Partna”. Good luck buddy.

Patrick Thomas 25


Idk who the guy is but he might be trying to start something idk. I’m not bashing the track in no means just was stating what the rule book said and what I thought was meant by that rule. I’m just ready for this all to be over and my car back together that’s all. Good luck this weekend Patrick wished we raced on the same nights and get Dannys car done already lol


Sorry about your hassles, and sorry it is Thursday and your motor is apart due to other reasons than a failure.

Keep in mind that while other venues have come and gone, NSS is a rock among racetracks.

Like, I dunno, a failed relationship or a lost job, I would suggest the real question is…“What is the smartest thing to do from here forward?”.

Good luck, man.