Will Three Palms Cancel?

Do you think Three Palms will cancel this weekend?
Will SPATS and the Pro Challenge cars which have to travel pull out?

Any opinions?

They already canceled! Yesterday

Three Palms, or just the trucks?

Regardless of where the storm goes weather will be rainy this weekend.

I don’t think TPS has gotten a show in at all this month.

Don’t forget the Airport Auth. meeting on the 10th.!!!

I never saw any announcement?

Bobby Owens posted on Facebook the truck race is cancelled. Not sure about the actual races but without the truck race i don’t think there would be much to see.

Three Palms has made no mention as of yet.

They have not cancelled and just saw that they are have a car show and track day on Sunday with donations taken at the gate to benefit TPS. From what’s been said recently those donations may be going into somebody’s pockets to finance a hasty retreat back to Indiana.

It’s sad to see ludicrous rumors spread around.

Its also sad to see a decent track go to hell!


[SIZE=“4”]Amen Bob they have hurt the Short Track racing comminutes long enough. All the people that refuse to support the ownership under their business plan need and deserve a change. How long will the CCAA allow this way of doing business. The other tracks have to pay their taxes to support their part of their Comminutes. It’s part of doing business. We will see on September 10th (which is the next CCAA). Bob maybe they (CCAA) will let you film the meeting. Now that would go viral on You Tube!!! [/SIZE]