Some of the best new talents in racing...

Stewart Friesen has been kicking ass over the last few years in the Northeast. Any car, any class, anywhere he goes, this guy is TOUGH to beat.
Tyler Dippel, who was “14” for 3 years in a row (wink wink, nod nod), has proven himself to be a threat in Dirt Mods, asphalt SLM, and recently made his impressive ARCA debut.

Dalton Sargent has the talents, and the big bucks that could get him to the top… his family had a NINE figure budget at hand…
Worth Billions, not just millions.
Christopher Bell… honestly, I don’t know much about him, except that I’ve seen his stats over the last couple years, and to wind up as one of THE top “Midget/Sprint” cars guys in the country, that carries some weight. Then you earn/can afford a Kyle Busch affiliation says you’ve got SOMETHING going for you.
Rico Abreu hasn’t impressed on asphalt just yet, but what he can do on dirt is just amazing.
Once you think he’s a non factor, he’ll blow by the top 3 for a win… over & over.
This guy’s talent, personality, and the fact he’s a "little person " will win the hearts of fringe racing fans
If you really LOOK at the big picture, there are some VERY good racers coming our way soon

I figured that kid came from money a few years ago when I read he was “training” on road courses in Europe. Whatever. Good luck with your marketing career (aka nascar driver). Give me bubba pollard any day over that nonsense.

Actually give me the working man’s V8 Monte Carlo class at five flags over the Calvin Klein looking drivers

The greats of yesterday, the men that made this sport what it is today, racing with no money or just making it until they got a better ride wouldn’t have a chance today. They had to start at a older age, race for small purses and a lot more races per year. Then had to do something when they couldn’t race anymore. The rich are now supporting the car owners so there teenage or adult kids can race a going now the tube series. However, Honest Abe wouldn’t be able to run for president today either, wouldn’t be able to buy his way into office.

Not just NASCAR, get sick of racing these pay drivers who just want to crash there way through a field. They don’t care and have never touched the car except their butt in the seat.