This is so that the cry croud will have something to post about…

I started in 1979 promoting stock car racing.
Have promoted over 700 SLM races that were over 100 laps
Over 1000 shows at the local short tracks in florida.
Also ran 2 national touring seres with 90 live national broadcast.
I did think I did a good job keeping florida racing on the top of its game.
I did retire in 2009.
sence I left things aren’t very good for the local pavement tracks and if I post any ideas on how the might help the tracks and racers I get beat up but most of the people on the board. WHY.
Now the board is full of tracks trying to tell the racer and fan that they are also going to run the same race on the same weekend.
Its never going to work that way. When the tracks get together like they did before and the cars and tracks stay on the deal there is hope.

Ok now all of you have something to post about…
no drunking flames please…
Now this will be some funny stuff

don 62


You are spot on Don. But now, nobody wants to work together. We can beat that horse all we want, but it’s the truth. One track just scheduled 2 SLM races over 2 other tracks. How’s that going to work out. We know the answer. But when you are the track getting scheduled over, you can’t give in and move the date every time, if there even is a suitable one available. It is what it is.


Say yer peace whenever you like, sir.

I value your input, who knows, one or more promoters may choose to pick up one or more of your ideas as well.

BUT, it is now their deal to “do”, including mistakes in your opinion.

As you mention, you are retired.

Also, keep in mind the game has changed, and continues to change.

A '66 GTO was mostly a mechanical car. Am renting a Charger, and it does everything right, but when it has 100k on it, it will be a freaking electronic nightmare. Again, IMO, prefer the goat, but that is neither here nor there for the “joe average” buying public.

Though, the engineers that designed the Pontiac are gone (as is Pontiac), and the new ones are running the show…

Ya pays yer money and ya picks yer poison.

ps–Weft…? Dude, it is my understanding that lots of tracks make mistakes…

I would say roughly all of them from time to time.

Well SLM racing hasent changed at all. I think they are using the same rules today that I wrote 10 years ago. They did change the chip rule and I think that’s all. So don’t think I don’t keep up with whats going on. Its been my life for 40some years.
I took my first lam at 19 at saramana speedway and am 67.
Snuck in the pit gate when I was 12 so I must be a die hard racer .



Mr. Don62-----I am your biggest fan–promotion is the game.
I do remember the 1980’s, when you were the promoter at Orlando Speedworld. The packed-filled grandstands, the full pits, more cars that could race, all that—good times for years. OSW was rocking and rolling as never seen. Pierce/Rusty/Bristol were promoters who have a close 2nd on that–only semi-success on fields, cars and fans. They did all they could.

But after that short stint, you Don62—went to Lakeland, Fla–and resurrected an old shuttered raceway. An old closed racetrack came back to life, on the 1/4 miler, and promoted it with all your might, and team. This old shuttered raceway was alive again, with full stands, and full pits

And that’s where the Touring series(s) came along, because the old Original ASA and ALL-PRO series had gone away. You did what any normal promoter would do. PROMOTE! And you did, all the way.
You gave OSW the best years of her life, that raceway rocked big time, you opened a shuttered raceway in Lakeland and, you promoted numerous touring series. You opened an old closed raceway–
Good for you!

As I was walking the grounds of the old 5/8 miler Lakeland Speedway in 1988, your pick-up truck tagged me, and gave me a surreal tour of what that old 5/8 was all about, and what it could be–great tour .That old 5/8 miler had potential, but Hooters came in, plowed it under, and built a 3/4 new miler on top of it. The 3/4 miler has since been plowed under. Roby Helm was your announcer back then. You told me stories of Dan Jones of Citrus County. He was a good man.

Mr. Don62—again, I am your biggest fan.r.