Desoto tomorrow

Just saw this on the Desoto Facebook page.

In the pits right now:

Joe Boyd
Jeff Scofield
Tyler Scofield
Nick Neri
Ashley Rogers
Anthony Cataldi
Mike Franklin

Those that called for slabs

Bubba Pollard
Anthony Campi
Jesse Dutilly
Chad Chastain
Daniel Keene
Martin Maresca
George Gorham
Dylan Bigley
Billy Bigley Jr.
Troy McNabb
D.J. Hoezle
Richie Anderson
Stephen Weaver
Michael Atwell

That’s an awful stout field. And with the large amounts of Pure Stocks expected as we welcome the Showtime guys down on their off week, this will be an awesome show.

What’s better, just checked the forecast and it’s supposed to clear just in time and give us a window to race!!!

Bubba Pollard making it down here wow

Bubba Pollard is qualifying for the Alabama 200 today, so I’m pretty sure he won’t be at Desoto

Bubba Pollard

Bubba was at the Alabama 200 and i got a chance to talk with him. He is interested in coming down and running Showtime later this year at their big race. Thought that awesome he’s a heck of a driver and a nice guy. He even mentioned A’Dale too and of course aid he would be back for the cup. If Yoho will reach out to the guys that don’t mind traveling it may pay off.

I was told he called for a slab. But apparently decided not to come. But I would def get up to Showtime to see him for sure. The guy can wheel.