South Florida Racing

Does Desoto and Showtime benefit from PGS being closed ? Has anyone researched the local PGS cars that were racing to see how many parked them and how many are racing other tracks ? It would seem to me that PGS under new management may very well hurt the car counts at Desoto and Showtime in the future.

I really don’t get the we need more tracks theory, I think we need fewer tracks but with them working together on scheduling and promotion.

I don’t think it hurts Showtime at all and only a handful of Desoto cars.

50 % of the cars came from south fl. HIELEAH
Most of them are gone now. The car count is not good enough at the other local track to suport another track at this time.
So buy the track. post big purse and a low ticket price and race on the same day as the other tracks…Is that not the way to do it ? History says it is…
Buy the way it is the best track in florida for drawing a croud. What a shame