Quick NSS Update

I’m still waiting on some info do do my weekly press release but here’s what’s on tap this week as Scott mentioned in an earlier post:

Sportsman 25 #1
Sunshine Seamless Gutters Mini Stock 25
Pro Late Model 25


Speedway Flooring Super Stocks 50 sponsored by Manheim Orlando
Sportsman 25 #2
Bombers 20

If the races are rained out Saturday night, we WILL race on Sunday starting at 2 pm…

As far as the NASCAR Division III points deal goes, Patrick Thomas is currently seventh, 41 points behind Brent Kane who races at the Elko, MN Speedway. Only a driver’s top 14 finishes are used, so Thomas has 13 races right now. He will be up to 15 at the end of the weekend when the points close for the season. If he wins both races or has really good finishes, he has a good chance at the championship since he’ll be able to “drop” the March race where he (and about everyone else) crashed and he was scored 17th.

Volusia, when it was paved, did the same thing for both David Rogers, and later Jon Campagnone Jr.
They were each trying to win the national short track points.

I’m almost hoping for a rainout so I can see a Sunday show for a change…

That’s awesome. Who cares what others think. It’s not Patricks fault about the rain.

If any other person had a chance at a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP I’m sure they’d do the same. He has DOMINATED this year so why not try to accommodate.

Wow…definitely some tension here. All I can say is that some other tracks should pay attention to NSS. They have been around for a LONG time. They have not changed hands time and time again, and they know how to put a show together and look decent compared to many other facilities. Trying to run a show to allow a guy to compete for a regional/national title is NOT FAVORITISM. The drivers have to be in so many races in order to qualify for the points championship, it has nothing to do with favoritism. In addition to that, what makes a racers chances better on Sunday than on Saturday…NONE! It’s anybody’s race on SAT or SUN…tracks need revenue as well, you cant keep the doors open with rain outs every week. I think racing on a Sunday is the best move yet, especially when you have drivers competing in a large event. The only way to take a chance, is to take one. So for the NAY SAYER in here, take your washed up, has been, old style of thinking and put it to rest, get with it, or find something else to do, and other people to annoy…good day!

I applaud New Smyrna for what they have done this year. They and Patrick have the whole state watching and are drawing the best fields of Sportsman racers to try and unseat him that have not been seen in a long time. Anything that gives this sport a positive shot in the arm is all good in my book…
P.S. NEVER attempt to Hi-Jack a thread by Dave Westerman…it’s just unethical…

Nice work Rick!

I agree, nice work Rick. Threads need to stay on topic.

well I was looking around ELKO speedway is also running double feature’s this week I guess they want to make sure their boy Brent Kane stays on top as well in the points . it appears that Brent is a dominant racer at ELKO they make him start last and he drives to the front in the videos I found of him . this is the last week to get the points in.