Desoto Speedway results 9-19

9-19- 2015


Pro Trucks

  1. 36 Chad Chastain Alva
  2. 99n Nick Neri Palmetto
  3. 18 Blake Haddock Hilliard
  4. 59x Becca Monoopoli
  5. 25 Cody McDuffie Lakeland
  6. 13g J.R. Garcia Balm
  7. 84 Bill Vandevender Ft. Myers
  8. 93 Jeff Firestine Venice
  9. 6 Tim Ryan Miami
  10. 3p Derek Pugh West Palm
  11. 26 Bryan Hillyer North Port
  12. 33 Bubba Thompson Sarasota
  13. 43 Marina Petty Venice
  14. 8 Sean Lamaster Napled
  15. 12 Scott Hogan Naples
  16. 50 Danny Anderson Bradenton
  17. 37 Michael Goddard Naples
    18 39 Phillip Johnson Naples
  18. 75 Robert St. John Arcadia
  19. 99 Cody Martell Arcadia
  20. 28 Corey Bigley Naples
  21. 31 Rodney Haadock
  22. 32 Dean ButrumVenice
  23. 20 David Patterson Noryh Port
  24. 3 Duane Best Myakka
  25. 13h Taylor Hasford Madison
  26. 17 Johnny Cassidy Arcadia
  27. 14 Sam Scott Naples
  28. 67 Jimmie Best Sarasota
  29. 38 Jeremy Goddard Naples
  30. 74 Dave Pletcher Webster


  1. 91 Troy DeCaire Tampa
  2. 5 Mickey Kempkens Tampa
  3. 15 Shane Butler Bushnell
  4. 2 Larry Brazil Tampa
  5. 92 Dave Retzlaff Brooksvill
  6. 16 Ernie Teed Sarasota
  7. 99 Matthew Hall Apollo Beach
  8. 55 Tommy Nichols Tampa
  9. 22 Johny Gillbertson Dover
  10. 85 Rex Hollinger Titusville
    1. Travis Bliemaster Venice
  11. 84 Rick Hall Apolli Beach
  12. 3 Jeff Firestine Venice
  13. 81 Troy Thompson Brooksville
  14. 63 CarlieYent Tampa
  15. 8 Kurt Taylor Bradenton
  16. 6 Matt Alfonso Zephyhills D.N.S.
    Modified Mini
  17. 68 Logan Allen N.Ft. Myers
  18. 86 Fred Pacaulcini Bradenton
  19. 72 Darrin Ellis Myakka
  20. 55 Tom Zimmerman Largo
  21. 4 Donnie Powers Myakka City
  22. 6d Dave Davis Bradenton
  23. 77 Lee Davis Lakeland
  24. 6f Jimmy Frazier Avon Park
  25. 67 Bo Davis Lakeland
    10.77r Rochell Rudolph Tampa
  26. 17 Jimmy Wood Bradenton
  27. 5 Seth Adams Lakeland
    2.07 Dave Gleason Orlando
    3.24 Cameron McGee Weekiwachee
  28. 9 Mitch Verrhaagh Orlando
  29. 01 Cameron Cruse Sarasota
  30. 13 Alan Heifnar Merit Island
  31. 7 Mike Verhaagh Fort Myers D.N.S.
  32. 15 Brandon Thompson Pinellas Park D.N.S.
    T.Q. Midgets
  33. 23 Mike Belusar
  34. 7 Bob Kohler
    3.44 Scott Roboski
  35. 4 Ernie Teed
  36. 17 Mike Nelson
  37. 41 Doug Marshall
  38. 2 Sam Manscuso D.N.S.
  39. 23 Phil Haddad D.N.S.

Thanks to all the FASTRUCK Team and “Q” Auto & Injury Attorneys!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Thanks to all the FASTRUCK Teams and “Q” Auto & Injury Attorneys Pro Trucks!!! The day started HOT and the night got even HOTTER!!! With 31 trucks which sets the 2015 record for truck count at any short track in the state would set the stage for the Florida American Grade Production pilot video. The TV crew worked hard spending the day doing pre race interviews. With the range of experience (and ages) ranging from the Young Guns of Derek Pugh at 13 years old to NASCAR veteran Dave Pletcher who’s age I won’t say(lets say very experienced). With 31 trucks qualifying times that were so close saw the aggression level on tilt for some of the drivers in the middle to rear of the field. Having several cautions breeding more cautions saw the fenders flying at the mid to rear of the pack. After several flats due to the hardware from the debris even more cautions came out. The race saw several long green runs ending in one of the most HOTLY contested races of the 2015 season. Congrats the #36 Chevy Chad Chastain, #99n Nick Neri , and #18 Blake Haddock rounding out the top three. Again thanks to “Q” and his staff giving out the 18 stuffed book bags to the students who enjoyed the action packed race. I believe we got a NEW group of young truck Fans. The night saw the rap up taping of some of the FASTRUCK Teams. Stay tune to see just where the FASTRUCK Series ends up with the Drama Reality Short Track TV Show. If you love Short Track racing it doesn’t get any better than this!!! Thanks to the Fans, Sponsors, and Staff at Desoto Speedway. The FASTRUCK Series next stop on the 2015 season will be at Citrus County Speedway next weekend. Hope to see the truck Fans in the stands. [/SIZE]

GO BOBBY DIEHL!!!:ernaehrung004: you’re doing a great job with the truck series that I know you love so much. I’m glad to see your hard work paying off. If we ever decide to bring the truck back down from North Carolina will come back out and show them guys have a Dodge can get it done. Keep up the good work. And congratulations to Chad on the win. :huepfen024::huepfen024:

On a sidenote. I would also like to congratulate our old friend Troy DeCaire on his sprint car win this weekend. It had to be hard for Troy. Troy lost his mother at the end of the week this week. It is a sad day for motorsports. Sandi was a staple in the Karting Community and she is going to be greatly missed. It was a sad day for our family and the entire racing community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Troy and Troys father and sister and the entire extended family. They are all in our prayers. Rest in peace Sandi. Godspeed

Truck results

I believe the truck finishing results are incorrect,after the last restart there was only 14 trucks on the track and the 75 was 1 of them,and the 50 had already been towed off so the 75 should have been like 13th or 14th

the trucks were on transponders.
even though a truck is on the last lap it doesn’t mean he should finish on the lead lap if he was already down several laps.
the 75 was down several laps and the computer picks up every truck and every laps and gives you the finish by how many laps run by each truck.
we do back up and line score what we can and do ins & outs and lap trucks.

31 trucks is definitely something to boast about. good turnout.

The truck count has been amazing every time the series visits Desoto!