Trucks, Trucks, Trucks!!!

Fastrucks will be at Citrus this weekend, Spats trucks are on the schedule for Three Palms, and Spats trucks are on the schedule for New Smyrna???

What is going on here?? Can Spats trucks make it all the way across the state to run two tracks Saturday night??

Someone needs to clear this up! Three Palms does not respond to direct questions so Bobby Owens what does SPATS have to say???

Southern Pro Am Trucks Series

Just got off the phone with Bobby Owens. He has informed me that Three Palms Speedway has not responded to emails about the rescheduling of the Three Palms Speedway September 26,2015 race. The New Smyrna Speedway rain out date of September 12th, 2015 has been rescheduled for September 26th, 2015. This race was rescheduled immediately after the rain out.

That is the only Southern Pro Am Trucks race scheduled for this coming weekend. If any questions please call 1-877-883-1082.

Fastruck is running at Citrus, this is rainout date from over a month ago

Looks like the truck and the tracks need to work together a bit more.
The truck fans know that if there are 3 shows on the same night the count will be down and stay home or go to some other show.
Tracks work hard anymore to chase of there fans with bad promotions.
Fans want to see a race not go carts outhouse races or 6 truck races.
There are enough cars for every track if they will share weekends.
How hard can it be to back up a bit and show that u want to work with another track in hope they will do it for you.
any rember when there were meeying to set the super late dates in florida ? It worked for a few years .


Southern Pro Am Truck Series

Just to clear the air here, I looked at the Southern Pro Am Truck Series schedule and the 9/26 Race at Three Palms Speedway was scheduled 4 months in advance of Citrus Scheduling any truck races. Re-scheduled rain out or not.

The 9/26 race for Southern Pro Am Truck Series was on record, now due to the uncertainty of Three Palms Speedway the venue has changed to New Smyrna Speedway.

Three Palms is like shutdown anyways… But for a truck race to be at Citrus and NSS , that will be hard to get a field like desoto had last week. Its obvious that these guys cant communicate when they are making the schedules. Why is their two races the week after desoto anyways like that. These guys dont even have the funding to race like that, and scheduling races like this doesnt help anyone at all. Not the tracks Not the promoters or racers. After last weeks race their is potential to make the trucks a big series again here in florida, just need the right guys in charge i think.


I think the public needs to be aware that Fastruck , as it is being named at desoto speedway and citrus is not an entity. If you research, you will find that Fastruck, Inc and Fastruck Racing, Inc . are inactive corporations.
Who are the principals of the current series using the name Fastruck, or Fastruck Next Generation or Fast Truck Pro Truck Series??? The current operators apparently are operating without a federal id number or a corporation, LLC or entity of any kind. Who is controlling the revenue collected?

If you look up Driver Seat Racing, Inc. d/b/a Southern Pro Am Truck Series, they are a valid registered entity with a Federal ID number and operating legally. In fact if you research the Fastruck Fictitious Name Filings, Driver Seat Racing, Inc. has the d/b/a’s of Fastruck, d/b/a Fastruck Next Generation and Fastruck Pro Truck Series registered with the state Division of Corporations. That group is operating as a business should be run.

Shouldn’t the drivers and teams racing with the current Fastruck series know who they are racing for and with? Food for thought!!!

I dont even think there is a clear set of rules for everyone either… but i could be wrong.

Do the tracks pay the competitors individually at the pay window, as they do other series?

If so, it would seem that is…that.


Go to Click on “Rules”

Well for one we have no choice on rainout dates as its pretty much the tracks decision. Bobby Owens runs a business and his racing series as he also builds truck chassis and sells parts. The Fastruck series was named from Bobby Diehl who is promoting that series at Desoto. We are racing as a group with a couple of fellow racers who have set our rules and try to promote races at other tracks. Fastruck has not been setup as a business like Bobby Diehl had it before, just a racing group who support it. And yes we collect our money from the track at the payout window when we race. This is what I know and I hope I am correct with my information. This may clear up some questions ppl have.