BJ McLeod is making cup debut

BJ McLeod will be driving the 33 Falk/Childress Chevrolet Sunday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. So excited for BJ and hope it goes well for him. This car has been pretty good at times being driven by Bryan Scott, the Dillon’s, and several others. I am leaving Thursday evening to meet up with them at the speedway and can’t wait. A great opportunity for a great young man.

Wow, that is really cool! I wish him all the best, and hope you have a great time!


BJ always looked aggressive on the short tracks.

I saw the Cup entry, but was not sure it was his debut…seems like I have seen him as an entry in the other national series.

BJ has made a few Xfinity starts and numerous truck starts but this is his first cup race. I got the owners wrong though. He is racing for Circle Sport Racing which is now Falk and Hillman. Childress sold his interest in the team out. I do believe they are still affiliated with him though Either way a great opportunity for a great young man.

BJ…has come a long way since the days of blue hair and all that at NSS…He had his own checking acct when he was about 10 so he could save/spend his cart money on parts etc…BJ bought his first car all by himsef (A brand new Corvett)…BJ is one great person that serves as a terrific model for others…OSF

The rest of us wanna-bees will be cheering for you from in front of the TV. Best of luck BJ, go get 'em!

still has the vet.
.Drove his hallier last week to the truck race for him and had a great time.
He sure could use a break… ie check…
good luck BJ


BJ McLeod

What a great time. We got to spend some quality time with Bj before the race as well as with Mary Jane and Darwin. Bj was the only driver to be seen the rest stayed hidden in their coaches. He hasn’t forgotten where he came from and don’t think he ever will. We had the run of tbe place car owner treated us great spent time in the hauler and watched tbe race from on top of the pit box. Being a police officer in BJ’s hometown i wish all the other kids had acted like him coming up. My job would have been a lot easier. A great young man from a great family. I took some awesome pics just don’t know how to post them. That was a heck of a drive though but worth it.

Your first race on a track with no banking in a car you are unfamiliar with and a crew that is new as well. You did good and am proud to have followed you since your early teens.

BJ McLeod–

Finished 34th, after starting 39th. Was running at the end.

Did not back into another competitor’s car at high speed with his foot off the brake.

Not bad, not bad at all.