If you want to see the FASTRUCK's Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Challenge at Desoto 9-19-

[SIZE=“5”]If you want to see the FASTRUCK’s / Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Challenge in ACTION at Desoto 9-19-15. And how they looked with 31 Pro Trucks. This was put together by David Shumate. He owns Bling Master, and Scotter HOT SAUSES (sold in all your Publix Super Markets) and has been a Sponsor of FASTRUCK for many years (started in 2004 with the FAST Hour TV Show). He put this together for YOU!!!
The American Grade Production Pilot will finish shooting at Show Time on Oct 10th for the Larry Moyer Memorial 81 laps. The Net Works are waiting for the Pilot.
Thanks David for supporting the FASTRUCK Series… [/SIZE]