Marion Edwards Memorial at Practice

Those at practice tonight…

Anthony Sergi
Derek Thorn
Bobby Good
Jeff Scofield
Tyler Scofield
Michael Atwell
Joey Padgett
Travis Wilson
Noah Cornman
Daniel Keene Jr
TJ Duke
Drew Brannon
Dylan Martin
Tim Russell
Chris Fontaine
Brad May
Kaz Grala
George Gorham

Is that California a Derek Thorn?

He’s bad ass fast everywhere, but I believe this is his first time at NSS.

Also, is Kaz Grala in the Kyle Busch 51?

Anyone know anything about Joey Padgett?

I don’t recall that name…

If I recall, Derek is running Kurt jetts super, for the big end of year races. He also ran a PLM last week for him and won at five flags.

Also, found out that Kaz Grala is driving the Chet Morrison car out of Houma Alabama with Mike Fritts as crew chief. And Padgett is a regular with the PASS South series…

Thanks Kim Brown…!

I’m surprised Derek Thorn won’t be at the SLM race at 5 flags tomorrow

I thought the same, maybe feels like he has experience there and is setting up for gov cup?

Houma, LA? Never heard of Houma, AL.

It’s a “suburb” of New Orleans…